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November 18, 2022, Board letter establishing a 120-day reporting requirement for NNSA to provide a report and briefing on actions taken to analyze hazards and implement control strategies for potential uranium pyrophoric events with a sudden energy release at the Y-12 Complex.
November 10, 2022, Department letter requesting a 120-day extension to respond to the Board's letter of July 26, 2022, regarding the condition and structural adequacy of the Savannah River Tritrium Enterprise 296-H stack.
November 8, 2022, Department letter responding to the Board's letter of August 11, 2022, regarding LANL PF-4 Leak Path Factor analysis.
November 2, 2022, Department letter responding to the Board letter of June 16, 2022, on the implementation of the USQ process following a PSHA update as detailed in DNFSB TECH-47, Seismic Hazard Assessments.
October 28, 2022, Department extension letter to provide the response to the Board's letter of August 17, 2022, regarding DOE oversight effectiveness by March 2023.
October 20, 2022, Board letter informing DOE of the delayed responses on open DNFSB reporting requirements.
October 7, 2022, Department letter responding to the Board letter of May 10, 2022, regarding the breakdown of Pantex's external dosimetry program.
October 6, 2022, Department letter responding to the Board letter of June 16, 2022, relating to the nuclear criticality safety program at the National Criticality Experiments Research Center at NNSS.
October 6, 2022, Department letter regarding briefing date to the Board in response to the Board's letter dated July 20, 2022, concerning the safe execution of various initiatives at Pantex.
October 6, 2022, Board letter providing its report on the Tank Side Cesium Removal (TSCR) system and ion-exchange column (IXC) connection issues at the Hanford site, and establishing a 90-day reporting requirement for DOE to provide a briefing on actions to ensure that the repaired connections will perform their safety functions.

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