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February 25, 2021, Board letter congratulating Secretary Granholm on her confirmation as the Secretary of Energy and requesting an opportunity to meet with the Secretary to discuss the memorandum of understanding between our two agencies as well as safety challenges and opportunities.
February 25, 2021, Department letter responding to the Board letter dated December 23, 2020, regarding Savannah River Site Building 235-F ventilation systems.
February 11, 2021, Board letter revising the FY20 DOE nuclear criticality safety program reporting requirement, and establishing a 120-day requirement for a briefing to include how DOE and NNSA headquarters systemically evaluate criticality safety programs across the complex and how it is addressing known criticality safety challenges at specific sites.
February 8, 2021, Board letter providing the report from its review of DOE Standard 1228-2019, Preparation of Documented Safety Analysis for Hazard Category 3 DOE Nuclear Facilities, for DOE’s information and use.
February 5, 2021, Board letter in response to DOE letter dated January 19, 2021, and granting the extension request for DOE to provide a response regarding technical report DNFSB/TECH-46, Potential Energetic Chemical Reactions Events Involving Transuranic Waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
January 22, 2021, Board letter providing a summary of the standards reviews that the Board conducted in fiscal year 2020, and providing a list of standards the Board has selected to review in fiscal year 2021.
January 19, 2021, Department letter requesting a 60-day extension to respond to the Board letter and technical report DNFSB/TECH-46, Potential Energetic Chemical Reactions Events Involving Transuranic Waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory, dated September 24, 2020.
January 19, 2021, Board letter transmitting its report entitled, Review of DOE Nuclear Facility Hazard Categorization Standards, (DOE Standard 1027-1992, DOE Standard 1027-2018, and NNSA Supplemental Directive 1027) for DOE’s use and information.
January 5, 2021, Board letter requesting a meeting with the Deputy Secretary to discuss our continuing progress on the MOU and any other pertinent matters.
December 23, 2020, Board letter regarding DOE’s revised Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2012-1, Savannah River Site Building 235-F Safety, and establishing a 60-day reporting requirement for a notification of DOE’s intent to address the ventilation system items at Building 235-F. The Board also requests annual updates regarding deactivation progress in Building 235-F, the results of radiological surveys and inspections to verify that contamination in the facility is not spreading, status updates on establishing a final end state determination with regulatory authorities, and the updated schedules for activities required to achieve such a final end state.

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