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October 17, 2018, Board letter transmitting the results of its review of the Pantex Special Tooling Program for DOE’s use and information. [PDF]
October 16, 2018, Board letters inviting the Under Secretary for Science and the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management to appear at the Board’s public hearing on DOE’s interface with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board on either November 28, 29, or 30, 2018. [PDF]
October 5, 2018, Board letter transmitting comments for the proposed revision to 10 C.F.R. Part 830, Nuclear Safety Management. [PDF]
September 24, 2018, Board letter providing a summary of safety issues with maintenance and inspection processes and procedures at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant for DOE’s information and use. [PDF]
September 17, 2018, Board letter transmitting its concerns with DOE Order 140.1, Interface with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, and noting its apprehension that DOE Order 140.1 wrongly attempts to diminish the Board's ability to perform its statutory mandate under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended. [PDF]
September 10, 2018, Board letter providing a copy of its Policy Statement-9, Policy statement on the Resident Inspector Program of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, which establishes key aspects of the DNFSB’s approach to field oversight. [PDF]
September 7, 2018, Board letter providing the results of its review of the SRS H-Canyon Facility Justification for Continued Operation (JCO) and its identification of several issues with the implementation of compensatory measure in the JCO, for DOE’s information and use. [PDF]
September 7, 2018, Board letter providing its evaluation of the uranium airborne release fraction (ARF) and respirable fraction (RF) to be used in safety analysis of fires at Y-12 and in the Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) safety analysis, for DOE’s information and use in evaluating the applicability of these results and in considering revisions to the DOE Handbook 3010-94, Airborne Release Fractions/Rates and Respirable Fractions for Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities. [PDF]
September 7, 2018, Board letter establishing a reporting requirement for a briefing prior to the implementation of the interim revision to DOE-NA-STD-3016-2016, Hazard Analysis Reports for Nuclear Explosive Operations, detailing how NNSA will implement the revision and on any changes-planned or taken-to the safety control strategies of nuclear explosive facilities as a result of the revision. [PDF]
September 7, 2018, Board letter providing its evaluation of DOE’s radiological practices and safety strategy for the remediation of the contaminated soil underneath the Hanford 300 Area, 324 Building B-Cell for DOE use and information. [PDF]

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