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September 15, 2021, Board letter providing the results of its review of the documented safety analysis (DSA) for Hanford’s Tank Farms facility and transmitting Technical Report (DNFSB/TECH-48).
September 8, 2021, Department letter providing the final decision response to DNFSB Recommendation 2020-1, Nuclear Safety Requirements.
September 8, 2021, Board letter transmitting its report regarding the safety basis of the SRS H-Canyon Exhaust Tunnel for DOE’s use and information.
September 8, 2021, Board letter establishing a 90-day reporting requirement for a report and briefing that describes DOE’s plan for safely managing nuclear waste materials containing mixtures of nitric acid or nitrate salts with polysaccharides.
August 31, 2021, Department letter for a 45-day extension to provide the response to the Board’s letter dated June 10, 2021, and technical report DNFSB/TECH-47, Seismic Hazard Assessments.
August 26, 2021, Board letter establishing a 90-day reporting requirement for a report and briefing that addresses safety questions pertaining to the safety basis at the Nevada National Security Site’s Radioactive Waste Facilities.
August 13, 2021, Board letter transmitting the report from its review of the December 9, 2018, failure of the safety instrumented alarm system at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), and of DOE’s subsequent response/recovery actions. The report is provided for DOE’s information and use.
August 11, 2021, Board letter requesting DOE to provide responses for the questions-for-the-record, as well as any supplements or clarifications to the testimony, and any additional written testimony relating to the Board’s July 13, 2021, public meeting and hearing on safety of defense nuclear facilities at the Savannah River Site.
August 5, 2021, Department letter responding to the Board letter of June 9, 2021, regarding training and qualification program and conduct of operations implementation at the Pantex Plant.
August 2, 2021, Department letter stating that DOE requires additional time to conduct our analysis and provide the Final Decision for Recommendation 2020-1, Nuclear Safety Requirements.

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