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October 22, 2020, Joint DOE and DNFSB Memorandum of Understanding Working Group Charter.
October 21, 2020, Board letter providing the results of its review of the revised safety basis for the Transuranic Waste Facility (TWF) at LANL.
October 14, 2020, Board letter noting the resolution of issues related to erosion and corrosion wear allowances for the design of piping, process vessels, and pulse-jet mixers at the Hanford Site’s Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP).
September 29, 2020, Board letter recognizing DOE’s approval of Critical Decision-4 and authorization to operate the Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF) at SRS, and noting that the Board currently has no unresolved safety issues from its review activities.
September 25, 2020, Board letter regarding DOE’s response to Recommendation 2020-1, Nuclear Safety Requirements.
September 24, 2020, Board letter transmitting its Technical Report, title (DNFSB-TECH-46) regarding transuranic waste storage, handling, and processing across Los Alamos National Laboratory, and establishing a 120-day reporting requirement for a report addressing 1) whether the hazards associated with the current transuranic waste container population at LANL are consistently and adequately controlled and DOE’s basis for this position, and 2) whether the revision to DOE Standard 5506 will address the broader implications of these concerns, as they are applicable to other DOE sites.
September 16, 2020, Board letter regarding the DOE revised Implementation Plan for Recommendation 2019-1, Uncontrolled Hazard Scenarios and 10 CFR 830 Implementation at the Pantex Plant, and noting that the Implementation Plan is responsive and indicative of DOE’s acceptance of Recommendation 2019-1.
September 15, 2020, Department letter designating Mr. Todd Lapointe to be the Department's responsible manager for the development of the Memorandum of Understanding with the DNFSB.
August 26, 2020, Department letter acknowledging the Board's August 7, 2020, congratulatory letter to the Deputy Secretary of Energy, and to direct DOE's coordination with the Board staff to develop a Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding.
August 7, 2020, Board letter transmitting its review of the Savannah River Site’s fire protection program for DOE’s use and information.

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