Desk Reference Supporting DOE Order 140.1,
Interface with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board




1.0 Board Recommendations
1.1 Draft Recommendation
1.2 Recommendation
1.3 Recommended Responsibilities for Responding to a Recommendation

2.0 Implementation Plans
2.1 Format and Content
2.2 Transmittal of Implementation Plan
2.3 Extension Notification
2.4 Changes to Implementation Plans

3.0 Board Information Request
3.1 Requests for In-process or Draft Documentation
3.2 Request for Classified Information
3.3 Guidelines for Responding to Information Requests

4.0 Reporting Requirements

5.0 Board Public Hearings, Public Meetings and Other Briefings/Meetings
5.1 Public Hearings
5.2 Public Meetings
5.3 Closed Meetings
5.4 Other Briefings/Meetings
5.5 Internal Notice of Meetings
5.6 Notice to the Board of Expected Meeting Attendees
5.7 Price-Anderson Enforcement Process
5.8 Briefings, Discussions, Telephone Communications, and Other Informal Interactions

6.0 DNFSB Policy
6.1 DNFSB Oversight of Design and Construction Projects of DOE Defense Nuclear Facilities
6.2 DNFSB Oversight of Decommissioning Activities at DOE Defense Nuclear Facilities

7.0 Routine Meetings and Interface with DNFSB Staff
7.1 DOE and DNFSB Routine Meetings
7.2 DR Status Report
7.3 DNFSB Resident Inspectors
7.4 DNFSB Cognizant Engineer
7.5 DNFSB Staff Oversight Reviews

8.0 Annual DOE Report to Congress on DNFSB Related Activities

9.0 Departmental Representative Website and Safety Issues Management System


1. DOE Order 140.1, Interface with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

2. DNFSB Request for Information Form

3. DNFSB Request for Classified Material Form

4. DNFSB Briefing Request Form

5. Format and Content Guide for Implementation Plans

6. DNFSB Meeting Attendance Log

7. Board Staff Lines of Inquiry (LOIs)

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Departmental Representative to the DNFSB

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