Departmental Representative to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board



Mission and Functions


The Office of the Department Representative to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) provides effective cross-organizational leadership in resolving DNFSB-related technical and management issues necessary to ensure public health and safety.


  • Represents the Department in regular and continuing interactions with the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.
  • Advises the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretaries, Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security, Secretarial Officers, and other Department executives of Board priorities, concerns, actions, and plans.
  • Manages the Department's interface activities and provides direction and advice to the line on Board-related matters.
  • Coordinates with affected Secretarial Officers and designates a Cognizant Secretarial Officer to respond to a Board recommendation, Board correspondence, and other Board issues.
  • Facilitates implementation of the Department's corporate issues management process for analysis and resolution of crosscutting issues from DNFSB recommendations and concerns.
  • Facilitates communication and cooperation between Departmental elements and the external entities including the DNFSB and its staff.
  • Reviews written communications (with the exception of responses to information requests and routine distribution of evaluations/assessments) from the Department to the DNFSB, for consistency and responsiveness.
  • Manages the Department's Safety Issues Management System for DNFSB-related issues, commitments, and actions.
  • Prepares reports on DNFSB-related activities for senior Department management, Congress, and the President.
  • Maintains and provides guidance on the Department's Interface Manual to Departmental Points of Contact and support personnel.
  • Maintains and distributes a listing of key Department personnel for DNFSB-related activities.
  • Maintains the Department's central repository of official DNFSB communications and makes this information available to Department and contractor personnel.
  • Coordinates Board review and comments resolution for DOE Directives of interest to the Board.