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Oral Histories
Roadmap to the Project
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Oral Histories

Health Physicist William J. Bair, Ph.D.

Biochemist Waldo E. Cohn, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Wallace Durbin, Ph.D.

Merril Eisenbud

Dr. Nadine Foreman, M.D.

Radiologist Hymer L. Friedell, M.D., Ph.D.

Health Physicist Carl C. Gamertsfelder, Ph.D.

Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.

Radiation Biologist Marvin Goldman, Ph.D.

Julie Langham Grilly

John W. Healy

Hematologist Karl F. Hubner, M.D.

Oral History of Radiologist Henry I. Kohn, M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Physicist Katherine L. Lathrop and Physician Paul V. Harper

Pathologist Clarence Lushbaugh, M.D.

Health Physicist Constantine J. Maletskos, Ph.D.

Radiologist Earl R. Miller, M.D.

Health Physicist Karl Z. Morgan, Ph.D.

Biochemist William D. Moss

Physiologist Nello Pace, Ph.D.

Cell Biologist Don Francis Petersen, Ph.D.

Radiobiologist Chet Richmond, Ph.D.

Physician James S. Robertson, M.D., Ph.D.

Biophysicist Robert E. Rowland, Ph.D.

Biophysicist Cornelius A. Tobias, Ph.D.

Biochemist John Randolph Totter, Ph.D.

Oncologist Helen Vodopick, M.D.

Dr. George Voelz, M.D.

Donner Lab Administrator Baird G. Whaley



Oral History of Medical Physicist Katherine L. Lathrop and Physician Paul V. Harper

Conducted January 26, 1995

United States Department of Energy
Office of Human Radiation Experiments
September 1995


Short Biographies
Lathrop's Education and Early Career (Manhattan Project, 1945-46)
Lathrop's Work at Argonne National Laboratory (1947-54)
Lathrop's Work as a Chemist at the Argonne Cancer Research Hospital (Beginning in 1954)
Harper's Education and Early Career (1940s to Early '50s)
Harper's Thoughts on the Mixture of Medicine and Science (Late '40s and '50s)
Lathrop's Early Cancer Therapy Research
Harper's Early Determinations of Radiation Doses
Development of Iodine-125 Production Methods and the AEC Review Process
Discussion of Radiation Research Standards
Lathrop and Harper Collaborative Research (1965-67)
Thallium Research
Antifibrinogen Research
Various Radioactive Isotope Research by Lathrop and Harper
Argonne Cancer Research Hospital History (Early '70s)
Research on Brain Tumor Imaging Agents
Collaborative Metabolic Studies
Selenium Tumor-Imaging Studies (Early '70s)
Other Isotope Research
Alpha Emitter Studies Using Radioactive Isotopes
Difficulties Involved With Using Human Volunteers