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Finding Aids

Department of Defense Report on Search for Human Radiation Experiments Records 1944-1994 Exit Human Radiation Experiments Site

This recently-released report describes the Department of Defense's search for information on its participation in human radiation experiments. Within the report, the reader will find four basic types of information: guidelines for the search; extensive summaries of several projects which were identified as human radiation experiments or which attracted wide public attention, including total-body irradiation and nasopharyngeal irradiation therapy; brief descriptions of more than 2,000 projects identified as having some connection between humans and radiation; and references for obtaining additional information.

Finding Aids

Finding aids are descriptive tools which provide details about records to enable researchers to identify collections of interest, a key component of openness. This site provides access to a growing collection of finding aids to health-related record collections at several major DOE sites, to inactive records collections of historical interest at DOE headquarters and in the field, and to records related to radioactive fallout found at DOE sites as well as at many other government and private facilities across the nation.