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Oral Histories
Roadmap to the Project
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Oral Histories

Health Physicist William J. Bair, Ph.D.

Biochemist Waldo E. Cohn, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Wallace Durbin, Ph.D.

Merril Eisenbud

Dr. Nadine Foreman, M.D.

Radiologist Hymer L. Friedell, M.D., Ph.D.

Health Physicist Carl C. Gamertsfelder, Ph.D.

Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.

Radiation Biologist Marvin Goldman, Ph.D.

Julie Langham Grilly

John W. Healy

Hematologist Karl F. Hubner, M.D.

Oral History of Radiologist Henry I. Kohn, M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Physicist Katherine L. Lathrop and Physician Paul V. Harper

Pathologist Clarence Lushbaugh, M.D.

Health Physicist Constantine J. Maletskos, Ph.D.

Radiologist Earl R. Miller, M.D.

Health Physicist Karl Z. Morgan, Ph.D.

Biochemist William D. Moss

Physiologist Nello Pace, Ph.D.

Cell Biologist Don Francis Petersen, Ph.D.

Radiobiologist Chet Richmond, Ph.D.

Physician James S. Robertson, M.D., Ph.D.

Biophysicist Robert E. Rowland, Ph.D.

Biophysicist Cornelius A. Tobias, Ph.D.

Biochemist John Randolph Totter, Ph.D.

Oncologist Helen Vodopick, M.D.

Dr. George Voelz, M.D.

Donner Lab Administrator Baird G. Whaley



Oral History of Health Physicist Karl Z. Morgan, Ph.D.

Conducted January 7, 1995

United States Department of Energy
Office of Human Radiation Experiments
June 1995


Short Biography
College and Graduate School in North Carolina; Unintentionally Joining the Manhattan Project in Chicago in 1943
Chosen for the New Field of Health Physics (1943)
Determining Safe Doses for Ionizing Radiation at Chicago (1943)
Developing New Dosimetry Instrumentation
Arrival at Oak Ridge (1943)
Creating a Health Physics Division (1943–44)
Concern for the Radiological Safety of Workers and the Nearby Public
Participation in Human Erythema Dose Studies, Using Phosphorus-32 (1943–44)
Human Research Protocols; Informed Consent
Plutonium Injection Studies at an Oak Ridge Military Hospital (1945)
Oak Ridge Committees (Isotope Distribution, Human Use, et al.)
Studies in Uranium Ingestion, Injection, and Inhalation
Struxness and Bernard Go to a Boston Hospital to Assist in Studies in Radioisotope Injection Toxicity (Mid-'50s)
Criticizes Therapy Practiced at ORNL's Total-Body Irradiation Facilities
Hidden Military Funding to Explore Radiological Warfare During the Cold War
Atmospheric Releases of Short-Lived Isotopes Over Grazing Pastures
Developing a Chemical Dissolving Process to Remove Iodine From the Irradiated Uranium Slugs
Plans Laid for Atmospheric Releases of Radioisotopes
Unintentionally Widespread Dispersion From Phosphorus-32 Atmospheric Releases
Influence of Secrecy in Decisions About Radiation Exposure
Advice for Disposing of Tritium Safety Rebuffed by NRC
Chairing the Public Health Fund (1980–92)
Vanderbilt University Study of Pregnant Women and Iron-59
Difficulty Obtaining Historical Information, Despite Freedom of Information Act
Studies on Nuclear Waste Storage Issues