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Oral Histories
Roadmap to the Project
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Oral Histories

Oral History of Radiologist Henry I. Kohn, M.D., Ph.D.


Short Biography

Studying the Effects of X Rays on Animal Blood Chemistry at Oak Ridge

Work at UCSF's Radiological Laboratory

Advantages of Yeast Cells for Studying Radiation Effects

Reflections on Bert Low-Beer and Joseph Hamilton

Radiation Genetics Experiments on Mice

Reflections on Reynold Brown and Henry Kaplan

Establishment of Harvard's Joint Center for Radiation Therapy (Mid '60s)

Radiological Assessment for the National Academy of Science Survey of Nuclear and Alternative Energy (1975–79)

Biologist and Physicist Perspectives on Radiological Effects

State of Knowledge in Radiation Epidemiology

Radiation Therapy

Recollections of Shields Warren

Research Into the Effects of Radiation Therapy on Blood Count

Time With the U.S. Public Health Service (Early '50s)

Chairing the Bikini Atoll Rehabilitation Committee

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae