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ACHRE Report
Roadmap to the Project
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ACHRE Report

Final Report

Executive Summary



Part I

Part II

Part III

Discussion: Part III

Part IV

Documentary Note

In fulfilling its mandate, the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) relied on several thousand separate sources: primary and secondary published monographs, journal articles, historical records and manuscripts, original correspondence and surveys, interviews, specially constructed databases, searches of public and commercial databases, and documentary films. Only a fraction of these, however, is represented in the final report. More extensive information may be found in the supplemental volume Sources and Documentation, which contains a full account of the ACHRE research program, a finding aid to the complete research document collection, a bibliography of published sources used, an index to significant documents and identified experiments, and other auxiliary materials. Further information both about the sources used by the Advisory Committee generally and about the particular sources cited in this volume should be sought there.

The unpublished documents referenced in this report are identified by their places in the ACHRE Research Document Collection. These identifiers, or ACHRE document numbers, have four parts: originating institution, date of receipt, order of receipt, and document number. For example, DOE-051094-A-123 is the 123d document described in the first ("A") Department of Energy ("DOE") shipment (or accession) received on May 10, 1994 ("051094"). One of the appendices, A Citizen's Guide to the Nation's Archives, provides instructions for using references to the ACHRE collection to find documents there and in the collections of the National Archives and at the agencies.