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Finding Aids
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Finding Aids

Epidemiologic Studies

Rocky Flats Plant Site

Facilities and Equipment

Asbestos Abatement Program Blueprints, undated


Active: RF-T452 F
Access Restrictions: Some records are designated as UCNI; building is in an access-controlled area.

Volume: Approximately 0.55 cu. ft.

Accession or Other ID Number: None

Condition: Good

Container Number: Records are in four hanging file folders in one of four boxes on the floor of T452 F, to the left of the door and next to the filing cabinet.

Medium: Paper

Scanning Suitability: Series consists of photocopies of blueprints.

Duplication: Unknown

Arrangement: By building number

Originating Office: Unknown

Finding Aids: None

Disposition Authority: Unscheduled

Series Description: This series consists of photocopies of blueprints of Buildings 111, 771, 776, and 777. Plans for roofs, floors, and ceilings, as well as for electrical, sound, alarm, sprinkler, power, and lighting systems are included.

For related records, see Volume VI. Asbestos Abatement Program Records, 1984-1991.

Data Elements: 117

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