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Historical Photographs
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Historical Photographs
[Small Image] 1. Glenn T. Seaborg, discoverer of plutonium and Chairman of the AEC, 1961 to 1971 (145Kbytes)
[Small Image] 2. A horizontal rotational scanner used to detect the quantity and distribution of radiation in the body (173Kbytes)
[Small Image] 3. A mobile whole body counter (1966). (245Kbytes)
[Small Image] 4. A conventional whole body counter (circa 1964). (153Kbytes)
[Small Image] 5. Experimental cardiac pacemaker powered by plutonium. ca. 1968. (121Kbytes)
[Small Image]

6. Checking radioactivity after a Controlled Environmental Radioiodine Test (CERT) in 1966. (167Kbytes)