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Historical Photographs
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Historical Photographs
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[Small Image] 1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory workers checking for radioactive contaminants (circa 1950) (312Kbytes)
[Small Image] 2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory workers turning in their pocket dosimeters (circa 1950). Various types of dosimeters were worn by workers to measure radiation doses and prevent excessive exposure. (233Kbytes)
[Small Image] 3. Oak Ridge technicians measuring air monitor samples for radiation (158Kbytes)
[Small Image] 4. An Oak Ridge National Laboratory employee having a blood test to detect radiation exposure (circa 1950). (169Kbytes)
[Small Image] 5. Aerial view of the Oak Ridge X-10 facility (1945), which served as a pilot for the Hanford plutonium production reactors. After World War II, the facility produced isotopes for national distribution. (PHOTO: U.S. ARMY) (201Kbytes)
[Small Image] 6. Oak Ridge health physics technicians monitoring a cafeteria for radiation. (161Kbytes)
[Small Image] 7. Oak Ridge technicians reading dosimeters to detect worker radiation exposures. (146Kbytes)
[Small Image] 8. An Oak Ridge isotope worker (right) and a health physics technician (circa 1950). (147Kbytes)
[Small Image] 9. Isotope processing buildings, Oak Ridge. (129Kbytes)
[Small Image] 10. Production of Isotopes at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ca. 1946. (197Kbytes)
[Small Image] 11. Measuring beta radiation from a sample of phosphorous-32 at Oak Ridge. (180Kbytes)
[Small Image] 12. Separating radioactive carbon from material bombarded in the Oak Ridge nuclear reactor. (206Kbytes)