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Historical Photographs
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Historical Photographs
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
[Small Image] 1. A whole body counter (circa 1964) at the Berkeley Donner Laboratory. Such counters were used in human radiation tracer studies and for measuring AEC worker radiation exposure. (294Kbytes)
[Small Image] 2. Early treatment for Parkinson's disease at the Berkeley Donner Laboratory (134Kbytes)
[Small Image] 3. Donner Laboratory carbon-14 metabolic study apparatus (146Kbytes)
[Small Image] 4. Respiration analysis using injected radioactive tracers at Donner Laboratory (circa 1968). (217Kbytes)
[Small Image] 5. A patient under a positron camera. The camera was a diagnostic tool developed at Donner Laboratory, Berkeley, to photograph radioactive tracer concentrations. Unlike a whole body scanner, this device photographs a single, specific area of the body. (146Kbytes)
[Small Image] 6. A kidney examination using a scintillation camera at Donner Laboratory, Berkeley. (152Kbytes)
[Small Image] 7. A patient prepared for treatment with charged atomic particles at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (now Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) (265Kbytes)
[Small Image] 8. Early use of a Geiger-Müller counter to test thyroid function at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory. (260Kbytes)
Small Image] 9. Joseph Hamilton (left) conducting one of the first isotope metabolism studies during the 1930s. The study took place at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (now Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory). (173Kbytes)