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Overview - Roadmap to Content
This website is intended to provide a broad-based set of information and resources about beryllium, Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD), CBD symptoms, and consequential conditions of CBD and its treatment.
Along the top of every page on this website, there are a number of buttons that you can use to navigate through the information. We trust that the information provided in this website will facilitate and promote discussion and awareness between patients and their physicians. It is also important to note that if it is determined that a condition is related to CBD, that the proper diagnosis is made, because it may impact eligibility and coverage under compensation programs and insurances.
Below is a description of the information contained for each of the buttons. 
Overview - Roadmap to Content
If you are unfamiliar with CBD or beryllium sensitization, you should check this section. It also contains general information about beryllium and its uses and applicability to the current or former DOE workforce. This section also provides information on Sarcoidosis and CBD, How is CBD Diagnosed?, and Differentiate between Sarcoidosis and CBD.
Click for Symptoms & Clinical Findings page
The "Symptoms" section contains information on CBD symptoms (feelings or indications of bodily disorder that are noticed/described by a patient) and symptoms clinical findings (signs or medical facts that may be detected by a physician during a physical examination of a patient. They are often significant in assisting a healthcare provider in diagnosis of a medical condition responsible for the patient's symptoms).
Click for the Treatment & Consequential Conditions page

The "Treatment & Consequential Conditions" section has detailed information about the illnesses an individual may develop as a result of CBD or its treatment. We hope the information provided will help patients understand the interrelationship between CBD and other medical conditions they may be experiencing. This information may also help clinicians who may have limited or no experience with CBD to understand the wider impacts of the disease.

Worker Community
This section is intended to provide relevant information and resources to the current and former DOE workforce to facilitate timely diagnosis. For example, it provides in depth information about a simple blood test used to determine if a person's immune system is reacting to beryllium, which may indicate beryllium sensitization. It also provides information as to how and where an individual can obtain this test. One potentially lifesaving resource for former DOE federal, contractor and subcontractor employees is the free screenings offered by the DOE Former Worker Medical Screening Program (FWP).
The "Resources" section provides an extensive list of links and information about beryllium, CBD, diagnosis, ongoing research, etc. The information is divided into three specific sections geared towards workers, clinicians/doctors and health care educators and researchers. Although the information in these sections is available to everyone, the intention was to segment the information provided according to the interests of each of the categories of website visitors.
Peer-Reviewed Publications & Feedback
This section is intended to provide a list of Peer-Reviewed Publications about CBD, symptoms of CBD, and consequential conditions of CBD or its treatment. It is also intended to be a place where individuals can submit relevant medical literature from Peer-Reviewed Publications.