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Following is a selection of declassified documents pertaining to the human radiation experiments Cold War story.

-- Letter to Lt. Col. H.L. Friedell from Robert M. Fink December 5, 1945. (Document 0707061)

-- Memorandum to the District Engineer, Manhattan District, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Summary of a Medical Research Program. (Document 0707064)

-- Proposed Medical Research Program - 1946 to 1947. (Document 0707065)

-- Outline of a proposed Research Program July 1, 1946 to June 30, 1947, Radiological Research Laboratory College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York City. (Document 0707066)

-- Memo regarding Administration of Radioactive Substances to Human Subjects. (Document 0707075)

-- Walter J. Williams, Director of Production, Washington, and J. C. Franklin, Manager, Oak Ridge Directed Operations, Radiological Warfare Program August 27, 1948. (Document 0707290)

-- Memo regarding Medical Policy, Carroll L. Wilson, General Manager, Washington, J. C. Franklin, Manager, Oak Ridge Operations. (Document 0707294)

-- Memo to Brigadier General K.D. Kichels regarding Experimental Program at Western Reserve University. (Document 0707336)