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2000-1 Board Recommendation 2000-1, Stabilization and Storage of Nuclear Material
2000-2 Board Recommendation 2000-2, Configuration Management -- Vital Safety Systems
2001-1 Board Recommendation 2001-1, High-Level Waste Management at the Savannah River Site
2002-1 Board Recommendation 2002-1, Quality Assurance for Safety-Related Software
2002-2 Board Recommendation 2002-2, Weapons Laboratory Support of the Defense Nuclear Complex
2002-3 Board Recommendation 2002-3, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of Administrative Controls
2004-1 Board Recommendation 2004-1, Oversight of Complex, High-Hazard Nuclear Operations
2004-2 Board Recommendation 2004-2, Active Confinement System
2005-1 Board Recommendation 2005-1, Nuclear Material Packaging
2007-1 Board Recommendation 2007-1, Safety-Related In Situ Nondestructive Assay of Radioactive Materials
2008-1 Board Recommendation 2008-1, Safety Classification of Fire Protection Systems
2009-1 Board Recommendation 2009-1, Risk Assessment Methodologies at Defense Nuclear Facilities
2009-2 Board Recommendation 2009-2, Los Alamos National Laboratory Plutonium Facility Seismic Safety
2010-1 Board Recommendation 2010-1, Safety Analysis Requirements for Defining Adequate Protection for the Public and the Workers
2010-2 Board Recommendation 2010-2, Pulse Jet Mixing at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant
2011-1 Board Recommendation 2011-1, Safety Culture at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant
2012-1 Board Recommendation 2012-1, Savannah River Site Building 235-F Safety
2012-2 Board Recommendation 2012-2, Hanford Tank Farms Flammable Gas Safety Strategy
2014-1 Board Recommendation 2014-1, Emergency Preparedness and Response
2015-1 Board Recommendation 2015-1, Emergency Preparedness and Response at the Pantex Plant
%GI Percent Gastrointestinal Absorption Efficiency
1, 2 DCE 1, 2 dichloroethene
A-106 Office of Management and budget Circular A-106 Pollution Abatement Plan
A/D Analog-to-Digital Converter
A Ampere
A Air
A&C architectural and civil
A&D Assembly and Disassembly
A&F Arming and Firing
AA Atomic Analyzer
AA Atomic Absorption
AA Aluminum Association
AA Affirmative Action
AA Assistant Administrator
AAA American Antiquities Act
AAA Amsterdam Advanced ATC
AAAP Accelerated Access Approval Program
AAAP Advance Acquisition or Assistance Plan
AABC Associated Air Balance Council
AACC American Association for Contamination Control
AACS Airborne Activity Confinement System
AAHP American Academy of Health Physics
AAMA American Architectural Manufacturers Association
AAMSR Aggregate Area Management Study Report
AAO Amarillo Area Office
AAPG American Association for Petroleum Geologists
AAPROG Alarm Analysis Program
AAR/BOE Association of American Railroads/Bureau of Explosives
AB Authorization Basis
ABCC Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
AAHP American Association of Health Physics
ABS Automatic Backup Shutdown
ABS Acrylonitrite-Butadiene-Styrene
ABW Air Base Wing
ABW Airborne Waste
ABWR Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
ac Alternating Current
Ac Actinium
AC Analytical Cell
AC Accident Condition
ACA Amended Consent Agreement
ACB Asbestos-Cement Board
acc accessibility
ACC Abnormal Condition Control
ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America
ACDA United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACD Advanced Conceptual Design
ACE Adsorption and catalytic exchange
ACE Aerosol Control Experiment/Alpha Containment Enclosure (ID)
ACEEE American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
ACFM Actual Cubic Feet per Minute
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACHD Alameda County Health Department
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
ACL Alternate Concentration Limit
ACM Action Description Memorandum
ACM Asbestos-Containing Materials
ACNFS Advisory Committee for Nuclear Facility Safety
ACNW Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste
ACO Administrative Consent Order
ACP Ashtabula Closure Project
ACRR Annual Core Research Reactor (at SNL/NM)
ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
ACV At Completion Variance (BAC-EAC)
ACWP Actual Cost Work Performed
ACWS Actual Cost Work Scheduled
ADM Action Description Memorandum
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADR Alternate Dispute Resolution
ADS Activity Data Sheet
ADU Ammonium diuranate
AE Architect - Engineer/Acquisition Executive
A-E or A/E Architect - Engineer
AEA Atomic Energy Act of 1954
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AECC Atomic Energy Commission of Canada
AEDA Atomic Energy Defense Activities
AET Apparent Effect Threshold
AFB Air Force Base
AFP Approved Funding Program
AG Attorney General
AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AID Agreement in Principle
AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association
AIP Agreements in Principle
AIRFA American Indian Religious Freedom Act
AIS Advanced Isotope Separation
AIS Air Intake Shaft
AISC American Institute of Steel Construction
AL Albuquerque Operations Office
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable
ALCS Analytical Laboratory Computer System
ALEA As-Low-As-Economically-Achievable
ALO Albuquerque Operations Office
ALT Alanine Aminotransferase
AM Ames Group
AMES Ames Laboratory
AMLGM Amalgamation
AMR Annual Mitigation Report
AMS Atmospheric Monitoring Station
AMSO Ames Site Office
AMU Aqueous Make-Up
AMWTF Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility
AMWTP Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project
ANC American Nuclear Corporation
ANL Argonne National Laboratory
ANL-E Argonne National Laboratory - East (Chicago)
ANL-W Argonne National Laboratory - West (at INEL)
ANOVA Analysis of Variance
ANPR Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANPRM Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOC Administrative Order on Consent
AOC Area of Concern
AOC+ Area of Contamination
AOSS Automated Office Support System
AP Affirmative Procurement
APEN Air Pollution Emission Notice
API American Petroleum Institute
APSF Actinide Packaging Storage Facility
APT Accelerator Production of Tritium
AQCRs Air Quality Control Regions
AR Administrative Record
AR Argonne Group
ARA Advanced Reactor Area/Auxiliary Rocket Area
ARA Aquatic Resources Alteration Permit
ARARs Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements
ARC Albany Research Center
ARCO Atlantic Richfield (Medical Products) Company, Reading, Pennsylvania
ARCS Alternative Remedial Contracting Strategy
ARO Assurance Review Office
ARR Accelerated Residue Recovery
ARRR Aerotest Radiography and Research Reactor, San Ramon, CA
AS Activity Specifications
AS Ashtabula Area Office
ASA Auditable Safety Analysis
ASC Advanced Simulation and Computing
ARP Accelerated Retrieval Project
ASDP Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs
ASEH Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety and Health
ASEP Accelerated Safety Enhancement Program
ASER Annual Site Environmental Report
ASHE Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety and Health
ASI Advanced Sciences, Inc.
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASME NQA-1 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nuclear Quality Assurance
ASO Argonne Site Office
ASQC American Society for Quality Control
ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials
AT Atlanta Regional Support Office
ATA American Trucking Association
ATL Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International, Inc.
ATL 1 Atlantic Site 1 (38'30'N, 72'06'W)
ATL 2 Atlantic Site 2 (37'50'N, 70'35'W)
ATP Acceptance Test Procedure
ATR Advanced Test Reactor (at INEEL ICCP)
ATS Action Tracking System
ATS Assignment Tracking System
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
AVLIS Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation
AWQC Ambient Water Quality Criteria
AWRE Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
AWWT Advanced Wastewater Treatment System
B&R Budget and Reporting Classification
B&W Babcock and Wilcox Company
B&W-LTC Babcock and Wilcox-Lynchburg Technology Center, Lynchburg, Virginia
BA Baseline Assessment
BA Baseline Assessment for the Chemical Plant Area of the Weldon Springs Site
BA Budget Authority
BAAQMD Bay Area Air Quality Management District
BAC Budgeted Cost at Completion
BACT Best Available Control Technology
BAPL Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
BARCT Best Available Radiological Control Technology
BARN Barnwell, South Carolina (commercial waste site)
BAT Best Available Technology
BBC Balanced Biological Communications
BC Basic Cost
BCBG Bear Creek Burial Ground
BCC Baseline Change Control
BCE B-Plant Chemical Effluent
BCK Bear Creek Kilometer
BCL Battelle Columbus Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio
BCLDP Battelle Columbus Laboratories Decommissioning Project, Columbus, Ohio
BCP B-Plant Condensate Process
BCT Best Conventional Technology
BCV Bear Creek Valley
BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BDAT Best Demonstrated Available Technology
BDE Backlog of Deferred Equipment
BDM BDM Federal Inc, Germantown, Maryland
BDM BDM International, Inc.
BDT Best Demonstrated Technology
BEDS Biological Effects Database for Sediments
BEIAS Biomedical and Environmental Information Analysis
BEMR Baseline Environmental Management Report
BETY Beatty, Nevada (commercial waste site)
BG Burial Ground
BGS Below Ground Surface
BHSO Brookhaven Site Office
BIO Basis for Interim Operations
BIODG Giodegradation
BIP Belgium Incineration Process
BIPP B-Plant Immobilization Pilot Plant
BJC Bechtel Jacobs Company
BK Brookhaven Group
BLM Bureau of Land Management
BMAP Best Management Practice
BMAP Biological Monitoring and Abatement Program
BMI Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio
BMP Best Management Practices
BMRR Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor (at BNL)
BNI Bechtel National, Inc. Oak Ridge, Tennessee
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
BO Budget Outlays
Board Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
BOD Beneficial Occupancy Date
BOD Biological Oxygen Demand
BORAX Boiling Water Reactor Experiment
BPA Bonneville Power Administration
BPO Bartlesville Project Office
BPT Best Practicable Control Technology
Bq Becquerel
BR Belgium reactor
BRC Below Regular Concern
BRWM Board on Radioactive Waste Management
BSC B-Plant Steam Condensate
BSG Business Strategy Group
BSO Berkeley Site Office
BSO Boston Regional Support Office
BSR Bulk Shielding Reactor (at ORNL)
BSTS Boost Surveillance Tracking System
BTEX Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene, and Total Xylene
BWID Buried Waste Integration Demonstration
BWP Buried Waste Program
BWR Boiling Water Reactor
BWXT BWX Technologies, Inc.
BY Budget Year
C&C Consultation and Cooperation
C&S Certified and Segregated
CA Characterization Area
CA+ Cooperative Agreement
CAA Clean Air Act
CAAA Clean Air Act Amendments
CAB Citizens Advisory Board
CAD Computer Assisted Design
CADMUS The Cadmus Group, Inc.
CAI Controlled Air Incinerator (LANL)
CAM Constant Air Monitor/Computer Assisted Manufacturing
CAM Corrective Action Management
CAMP Capital Assets Management Plan
CAMP Corrective Action Management Program
CAMU Corrective Action Management Unit
CANDU Canadian Deuterium Reactor
CAO Columbus Area Office
CAP Corrective Action Plans
CAP Cost Account Plan
Cas Corrective Activities
CASS Computer Automated Surveillance System (RL)
CAT Construction Acceptance Test
CATS Corrective Action Tracking System
CBFO Carlsbad Field Office
CBI Confidential Business Information
CBM Chlorobromoethane
CC Component Check/Complexant Concentrate (Waste)
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCC Chronic Continuous Criterion
CCMV Converse County Mining Venture, Converse County, Wyoming
CCTV Closed-Circuit Television
CD Consent Decree
CD Critical Decision 
CDC Centers for Disease Control
CDH Colorado Department of Health
CDI Chronic Daily Intake
CDNS Chief of Defense Nuclear Safety
CDR Conceptual Design Report
CE Capital Equipment/Cubicle Exhaust
CE Combustion Engineering Site (FUSRAP site), Windsor, Connecticut
CEARP Comprehensive Environmental and Response Program
CEDE Committed Effective Dose Equivalent
CEDR Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
CEEP Chemical Emergency Preparedness Program
CEMI Center for Environmental Management Information
CEMP Columbus Environmental Management Project
CENRTC Capital Equipment Not Related to Construction
CEQ Council on Environmental Quality
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
CERCLIS+ CERCLA Information System
CET CET Environmental Services, Inc.
CEU Consolidated Edison Uranium (at ORNL)
CEUSP Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Program
CFA Control Facilities Area
CFC Chlorinated fluorocarbon
CFC Chlorofluorocarbons
CFC Combined Federal Campaign
CFDA Canister Fabrication Development Activity
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFSGF Coal Fired Steam Generation Facility
CFTF Central Filter Test Facility
CFY Current Fiscal Year
CH Chicago Field Office
CH Chicago Operation Office
CH Contact - Handled
CHAR Characterization
CHF Critical Heal Flux
CHG CH2M Hill Hanford Group
CHO Chicago Operations Office
CH-TRU Contact-Handled Transuranic Waste
CI Curie
CIF Consolidated Incinerator Facility
CIN Change Identification Number
CIRRPC Committee on Interagency Radiation Research and Policy Coordination
CISS Colonie Interim Storage Site
CKD Concrete Kiln Dust
CLP Contract Laboratory Program
CLP PQL Contract Laboratory Program Practical Quantification Limit
cm centimeter
CM&O Construction Management and Operations
CMAA Crane Manufacturers Association of America
CMC Criterion Maximum Concentration
CMI Corrective Measures Implementation
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CMP Corrective Measures Plan
CMP Corrugated Metal Pipe
CMP/SAW Corrugated Metal Pipe/Saw
CMPO Carbamoyl Methyl Phosphine Oxide
CMRR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement
CMS Case Management System
CMS Corrective Measures Study
CMSAs Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas
CMTS Central Mercury Treatment System
CNF Central Neutralization Facility
CNS Chief of Nuclear Safety
COC Certificate of Compliance
COC Chemical of Concern
COC Contaminant of Concern
COCA Consent Order and Compliance Agreement
COCO Contractor - Owned Contractor - Operated
COD Chemical Oxygen Demand
COE Corps of Engineers
COG Continuity of Government
CONOPS Conduct of Operations
COO Conduct of Operations
COPC Contaminant of Potential Concern
COPEC Contaminants of Potential Ecological Concern
CORR contractor operational readiness review
CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee
CPCA Core Program Cooperative Agreement
CPDF Centrifuge Processing Development Facility
CPM Counts Per Minute
CPM Critical Path Method
CPR Cost Performance Report
CQF Cognizant Quality Function
CR Clinch River
CR Community Relations
CR/PC Clinch River/Poplar Creek
CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CRC Coleman Research Corporation
CRCPD Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. Frankfort, Kentucky
CRD Contractors Requirements Documents
CRD Control-Rod Drive
CREM classified, removable electronic media
CR-ERP Clinch River Environmental Restoration Program
CRK Clinch River Kilometer
CRM Clinch River Mile
CRMP Cultural Resource Management Plan
CROET Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee
CRP Community Relations Plan
CRRFI Clinch River RCRA Facility Investigation
CRRI Clinch River Remedial Investigation
CRWMS-M&O Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System-Management and Operating (contractor)
Cs Cesium
CSA Canned Sub-Assembly
CSAP Confirmatory Sampling and Analysis Plan
CSB Carlsbad Area Office
CSCSC Cost and Schedule Control System Criteria
CSMO Central Scrap Management Office
CSO Chicago Regional Support Office
CSR Contact Size Reduction System (WVPP)
CSS Cement Solidification System (WVPP)/ Contaminated Soil Site
CSSA Contaminated Soil Storage Area
CSSG Criticality Safety Support Group
CSSX Caustic Side Solvent Extraction
CSTPs Conceptual Site Treatment Plans
CT-1 Control 1
CT-2 Control 2
CTA Central Technical Authority
CTAC Carlsbad Technical Assistance Contractor
CTS Component Test Stand
CUA Catholic University of America
CV Chronic Value
CV Cost Variance
CWA Clean Water Act (1977)
CWAM Crated Waste Assay Monitor
CWBS Contract WBS
CWDF Central Waste Disposal Facility
CWM Center for Waste Management
CWSA Containerized Waste Storage Area
CX Categorical Exclusions
CY Calendar Year
CYRTF Coal Yard Runoff Treatment Facility
CYWP Current Year Work Plan
CZMA Costal Zone Management Act
D&D Decontamination and Decommissioning
D&I Disassembly and Inspection
D&P Development & Production
DAC Derived Air Concentration
DACS Dual Axis Containment System
DAD Deputy Associate Director
DAF Device Assembly Facility
DARTS DOE Audit Report Tracking System
DASDP Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Program
DASI Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence
DASMA Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Applications
DASNM Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Materials
DASSA Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security Affairs
DAW Dry Active Waste
DBA Design Basis Accident
DBE Design Basis Earthquake
DBPP Diversion Box and Pump Pit
DBR Design Basis Report
DBVS Demonstration Bulk Vitrification System
DC Drum Cell Facility
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCF Dose Conversion Factor
DCG Derived Concentration Guide
DE Drums Equivalent
DEACT Deactivation
DEAR Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation
DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Department Department of Energy
Departmental Representative Departmental Representative to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
DEUSS Discharge of Enriched Uranium to the Sanitary Sewer
DF Decontamination Factor
DFDP Defense Facilities Decommissioning Project
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DHLW Defense High-level Waste
DHS Department of Health Services
DIPS Dynamic Isotope Power System
DL Detection Limit
DL/2 One-half Detection Limit
DMP Division of Materials Processing
DMR Discharge Monitoring Report
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DNAPL Dense Nonaqueous-Phase Liquid
DNB Departure from Nucleate Boiling
DNB Dinitrobenzene
DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
DNT Dinitrotoluene
DNW damaged nuclear weapon
DOC Decommissioning Operations Contractor
DOC Department of Commerce
DOD Department of Defense
DOD/OSTI DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
DOE Department of Energy
DOE M DOE Manual
DOE P DOE Policy
DOE/AL DOE Albuquerque Operations Office, Albuquerque, New Mexico
DOE/CAO DOE Carlsbad Area Office, Carlsbad, New Mexico
DOE/CH DOE Chicago Operations Office, Argonne, Illinois
DOE/DP DOE Office of Defense Programs (Headquarters), Germantown, Maryland
DOE/EIA DOE Energy Information Administration, Washington, D.C.
DOE/EM DOE Office of Environmental Management (Headquarters), Germantown, Maryland
DOE/FN DOE Fernald Area Office, Cincinnati, Ohio
DOE/HQ Department of Energy, Headquarters, Washington, D.C. and Germantown, Maryland
DOE/ID DOE Idaho Operations Office, Idaho Falls, Idaho
DOE/NV DOE Nevada Operations Office, Las Vegas, Nevada
DOE/OAK DOE Oakland Operations Office, Oakland, California
DOE/OH DOE Ohio Field Office, Miamisburg, Ohio
DOE/OR DOE Oak Ridge Operations Office, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
DOE/RF DOE Rocky Flats Office, Golden, Colorado
DOE/RL DOE Richland Operations Office, Richland, Washington
DOE/RW Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (Headquarters), Washington, D.C.
DOE/SR DOE Savannah River Operations Office, Aiken, South Carolina
DOE/WIPP DOE WIPP Project Office, Carlsbad, New Mexico
DOE/WVAO DOE West Valley Area Office, West Valley, New York
DOE-EML U.S. Department of Energy, Environmental Measurements Laboratory
DOELAP DOE Laboratory Accreditation Program
DOE-ORO U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Operations Office
DOE-PMR DOE-Property Management Regulations
DOI Department of Interior
DOJ Department of Justice
DOL U.S. Department of Labor
DOP Detailed Operating Procedure
DOS Department of State
DOT Department of Transportation
DP Defense Program
DP-1 Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs
DP-40 U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Program Support
DPC Design, Procurement, Construction
DPM Disintegrations Per Minute
DPO Division of Production Operations
DPO Differing Professional Opinion
DPS Disintegrations Per Second
DQO Data Quality Objectives
DRCT Dry rod consolidation technology
DSA Documented Safety Analysis
DSARC Defense System Acquisition Review Council
DSHS Department of Social and Health Services
DSS Double-Shell Slurry
DST Double-Shell Tank
DSTPs Draft Site Treatment Plans
DT&E Demonstration Test and Evaluation
DTR Defense Terrestrial Reactor
DTRS Debris Transport Routing Sheet
DU Depleted Uranium
DUOF Depleted Uranium Oxidation Facility
DuPont E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
DUST Division of Underground Storage Tanks
DVSO Denver Regional Support Office
DWBM Defense Waste and Byproducts Management
DWCS Defueling Water Cleanup System
DWER Defense Waste and Environmental Restoration
DWMD Defense Waste Management Division
DWMO Defense Waste Management Plan
DWPF Defense Waste Processing Facility
DWS Drinking Water Standard
DWTF Decontamination and Waste Treatment Facility
DWTF Decontamination/ Detoxification and Waste Treatment Facility
DWTM Defense Waste and Transportation Management
EA Environmental Assessment
EA+ Endangerment Assessment
EAC Environmental Advisory Committee
EAC Estimated Cost at Completion
EBR-I Experimental Breeder Reactor-1
EBR-II Experimental Breeder Reactor-II
EBWR Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
EC Eddy Current
EC Electrical Conductivity
EC Electron Capture
ECCS Emergency Core Cooling Systems
ECF Extended Core Facility (at INEEL NRF)
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
ECR Excess Cancer Risk
ECRTS Engineered Container Retrieval and Transfer System
ECS Emergency Cooling System
ECU Excavation Confirmation Unit
ED-2 U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Minority Economic Impact
EDAP Environmental Data Administration Plan
EDD Enforcement Decision Document
EDE Effective Dose Equivalent
EDF Environmental Defense Fund
EDL Economic Discard Limit
EDS Engineering Demonstration System
EE U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
EE/CA Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis
EEG Environmental Evaluation Group
EEMTF East End Mercury Treatment Facility
EERU Environmental Emergency Response Unit
EESSMS East End Sanitary Sewer Monitoring Station
EFCOG Energy Facility Contractors Group
EFK East Fork Popular Creek Kilometer
EFPC East Fork Popular Creek
EFSEC Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
EG&G Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier Corporation
EHS+ Extremely Hazardous Substance
EIA Energy Information Administration
EIA+ Economic Impact Assessment
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EJ Environmental Justice
ELPAT Environmental Lead Proficiency Analytical Testing Program
EM Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management
EM U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management
EMAB Environmental Management Advisory Board
EMAD Engine Maintenance Assembly and Disassembly (at NTS)
E-MAD Engine Maintenance Assembly and Disassembly
EMEF Environmental Management and Enrichment Facilities
EML Environmental Measurements Laboratory
EMP Ecological Monitoring Program
EMP Environmental Monitoring Plan for the Oak Ridge Reservation
EMS Environmental Management System
EMSP Environmental Management Science Program
ENDF Evaluated Nuclear Data File
ENEA Italian National Committee for Nuclear and Alternative Energy Sources
Energy System Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc.
ENICO Exxon Nuclear Idaho Company
EO Executive Order
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOCY End of Calendar Year
EOD Explosive Ordinance Disposal
EOFY End of Fiscal Year
EP Extraction Procedure
EP Toxicity Extraction Procedure Toxicity
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPA-HQ U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters
EPCRA+ Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act
EPPIP Environmental Protection Program Implementation Plan
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
EPS Emergency Power System
EPT Ephemeroptera, Plecotera, Tricoptera
EPTox Extraction Procedure Toxicity
EQ_Part Equilibrium Partitioning Benchmark
EQA Environmental Quality Assurance
EQAB Environmental Quality Advisory Board
EQAPjP Environmental Quality Assurance Project Plan
ER Energy Research
ER U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Restoration
ERA Expedited Response Action
ERAB Energy Research Advisory Board
ERCCC Environmental Radiation Control Coordinating Committee
ERCS Emergency Response Cleanup Services
ERD Emergency Response Division
ERD Energy Response Division
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration
ERG Emergency Response Guidebook
ER-L Effects Range-Low
ER-M Effects Range-Medium
ERMC Environmental Restoration Management Contractors
ERNS Emergency Response Notification System
EROD 7-Ethoxyresorufin 0-Deethylase
ERP Environmental Restoration Program
ERT Environmental Response Team
ES&H Environment, Safety and Health
ES&H Environmental, Safety, and Health
ESA Endangered Species Act
ESAAB Energy System Acquisition Advisory Board
ESAR Energy System Acquisition Review
ESAT Environmental Services Assistance Team
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
ESD Environmental Sciences Division (ORNL)
ESD Environmental Services Division
ESD Explanation of Significant Differences
ESH Environmental Safety and Health
ESHQA Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality Assurance
ESI Expanded Site Investigation
ESO Engineering Science Order
ETEC Energy Technology Engineering Center Canoga Park, California [also referred to as the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL)]
ETECSO Energy Technology Engineering Center Site Office
ETF Effluent Treatment Facility
ETR Engineering Test Reactor
ETTP East Tennessee Technology Park, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (formerly called the Oak Ridge K-25 Site)
ETU Sum of Toxic Units
EU Enriched Uranium
EUDOR Enriched Uranium Direct Oxide Reduction
EUO Enriched Uranium Operations
F&OR Functional & Operational Requirements
FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAST Fluorinel and Storage (Facility)
FATLC Fernald Atomics Trades and Labor Council
FCP Fernald Closure Project
FDA Fluorescardiacetate Hydrolysis Assay
FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration
FDC Functional Design Criteria
FDER Florida Department of Environmental Regulations
FDP Fluorinel Dissolution Process
FE Office of Fossil Energy
FEA Federal Energy Administration
FEIS Final Environmental Impact Statement
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMP Fernald Environmental Management Project
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FERMCO Fernald Operating Contractor
FERMI Fermi Group
FERMILAB Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Fern Fernald Area Office
Fernald Fernald Environmental Management Project
FFA Federal Facility Agreement
FFCA Federal Facilities Compliance Agreement
FFCAct Federal Facility Compliance Act
FFS "Focused "Feasibility Study
FFTF Fast Flux Test Facility
FHBMS Federal Hazard Boundary Maps
FHHS Francis Howell High School
FIDF Fuel Improvement Demonstration Facility
FIDS Fernald Integrated Demonstration Site
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
FIP Federal Implementation Plan
FIP Fuel Improvement Program
FIRMS Federal Insurance Rate Managers
FIS Farallon Islands (Pacific Ocean off Central California)
FIT Field Investigation Team
FLP Future Leaders Program
FLPMA Federal Land Policy Management Act
FM/FO Facility Manager and Facility Owner
FM-20 Office of the Associate Deputy Secretary for Field Management, Office of Project and Fixed Asset Management
FMEF Fuels and Materials Examination Facility
FMF Fuel Material Faculty
FMPC Feed Materials Production Center (FERNALD)
FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
FO Field Office
FOAK First of a kind
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact
FOS Fuel Oil Spill
FP Fire Protection
FPC Federal Power Commission
FPDL Fission Product Development Laboratory
FPF Fuels Production Facility
FPMR Federal Property Management Regulations
FPPA Farmland Protection Policy Act
FPR Fuel Processing Restoration
FPSC Fixed-price Subcontractor
FR Federal Register
FRA Functions, Responsibilities and Authorities
FRAM Functions, Responsibilities and Authorities Manual
FRESH Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health
FRL Final Remediation Level
FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center
FRP Facilities Restoration Program
FRR Foreign Research Reactor
FS+ Feasibility Study
FSAR Final Safety Analysis Report
FSFCA Federal State Facilities Compliance Agreement
FSO Fermi Site Office
FSP Field Sampling Plan
FSR Finding Summary Report
FSUC Facility Segment Use Category
FSV Fort St. Vrain
FSVR Fort St. Vrain Reactor, Platteville, Colorado
FT Feet
ft Foot
FTCP Federal Technical Capability Program
FTE Fulltime Equivalent
FTL/OSM Field Tracking Log/On-Site Manifest
FUSRAP Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program
FWCA Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
FWENC Foster-Wheeler Environmental Corporation
FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control Act
FWS Fish and Wildlife Service
FY Fiscal Year
FYP Five Year Plan
GA General Atomics, San Diego, California
GA Georgia
GAAT Gunite and Associate Tanks
GAD Grants Administration Division
GAO General Accounting Office
GAP Government Accountability Project
GAP CON Gap conductance
GC General Council
GC-71 Office of the General Council, Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Legislation
GCC General Construction Contractor
GCD Greater Confinement Disposal
GDP Gaseous Diffusion Plant
GDP Grout Disposal Program
GE General Electric
GEIS Generic Environmental Impact Statement
GEM (INEEL) Glovebox Excavation Method Project
GETR General Electric Test Reactor
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFO Golden Field Office
GI Gastrointestinal
GJPO Grand Junction Projects Office (Grand Junction)
GJRAP Grand Junction Remedial Action Project
GLUMRB Greater Lakes-Upper Mississippi River Board
G-M Geiger-Muller
GMODS Glass Material Oxidation and Dissolution System
GNP Gross National Product
GOB Grants Operations Branch
GOCO Government - Owned Contractor - Operated
GOGO Government - Owned Government - Operated
GPCS Gas Purification Control System
GPMP Groundwater Protection Management Plan
GPP General Plant Projects
GPS Groundwater Protection Strategy
GSA General Services Administration
GSI Gonadal-Somatic Index
GSN General Site Needs
GSP Groundwater Surveillance Program
GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Weld
GTCC Greater-Than-Class C (low-level waste)
GTF Grout Treatment Facility
GW Groundwater
GWAR Generic Waste Acceptance Requirements
GWDV Grouted Waste Disposal Vault
GWPP Groundwater Protection Program
GWPS Groundwater Protection Standard
GWSB Glass Waste Storage Building
GWTF Groundwater Treatment Facility
GY Gray
H&V Heating and Ventilation
H&W Health and Welfare
ha hectare
HAC House Appropriations Committee
HACC Human Assisted Computer Control
HAD Hazardous Assessment Document
HAI Health Assessment Index
Hanford Hanford Site, Richland, Washington
HAPs Hazardous Air Pollutants
HAR Hazard Analysis Report
HASC House Armed Services Committee
HASP Health and Safety Plan
HAW High-Activity Waste
HAZ Hazardous
HAZCHEM Hazardous Chemical Waste
HazCom Hazard Communications
HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
HAZWRAP Hazardous Waste Remedial Actions Program
HBCU Historically Black Colleges and Universities
HC Hinds Creek Sampling Station
HCF Hot Cell Facility (at SNL/NM)
HCFCs Hydrogen Chlorofluorocarbons
HDPE High-Density Polyethylene
HDW Hanford Defense Waste
HE High Explosive
HEAST Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables
HEC Hanford Environmental Compliance
HEDL Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory
HEME High-Efficiency Mist Evaporator
HEMP Hanford Environmental Management Plan
HEN Cap Henry (Atlantic Ocean off Virginia)
HEPA High-Efficiency Particulate Air
HEPA High-Efficiency Particulate Air (filters)
HEU Highly-Enriched Uranium
HEUMF Highly-Enriched Uranium Materials Facility
HEW Health, Education, and Welfare
HF Hydrofluoric Acid
HFBR High-Flux Bean Reactor (at BNL)
HFEF Hot Fuel Examination Facility (at ANL-W)
HFIR High Flux Isotope Reactor
Hg Mercury
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HI Hazard Index
HIC High-Integrity Container
HISS Hazelwood Interim Storage Site
HiVal High Investment Value
HLLW High-Level Liquid Waste
HLLWE High-Level Liquid Waste Evaporation
HLMW High Level Mixed Waste
HLW High-Level Waste
HLWFP High-Level Waste Form Producers
HLWIS High-Level Waste Interim Storage
HMB Heat and Material Balance
HMBCP Heat and Material Balance Computer Program
HMTA Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
HMWM Hazardous Materials Waste Management
HNPF Hallam Nuclear Power Facility
HP Health Physics
HPGe High-Purity Germanium
HPM High Pressure Mixer
HPO Missouri Department of Natural Resources Historical Preservation Office
HPT Health Physics Technician
HQ Hazard Quotient
HQ Headquarters
HR House Resolution
HR-6 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Human Resource and Administration, Office of Organization and Management
HRCQ Highway Route Controlled Quantity
HRS+ Hazard Ranking System
HSCD Hazardous Site Control Division
HSED Hazardous Site Evaluation Division
HSL Hazardous Substance List
HSP Health and Safety Plan
HSWA Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments
HTGR High-Temperature, Gas-cooled Reactor
HV High-volume
HVAC Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
HW Hazardous Waste
HW/MW Hazardous Waste/Mixed Waste
HWHF Hazardous Waste Handling Facility
HWHO Hazardous Waste Handling Operations
HWIR Hazardous Waste Identification Rule
HWMP Hanford Waste Management Plan
HWMU Hazardous Waste Management Unit
HWR Heavy-Water Reactor
HWVP Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant
HZ Hazardous Waste
I&C Instrumentation & Control
I&E Inspection and Evaluation
i.p. Intraperitoneal
I/CDI Intake (estimated dose)/Chronic Daily Intake
I/I Industrial and Institutional (waste)
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAG Interagency Agreement
IAM International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
IAQB Idaho Air Quality Bureau
IATA International Air Transportation Association
IBPMS Integrated Budget & Project Management System
IBWP Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Buried Waste Program
I&C Instrumenation and Control
IC Institutional Controls
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
ICE Independent Cost Estimate
ICP Inductively Coupled Plasma
ICP-MS Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
ICPP Idaho Chemical Processing Plant
ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection
ICRU International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements
ID Idaho Field Office
ID Identification
ID Idaho Operations Office
IDB Integrated Data Base
IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health
IDW Investigation-Derived Waste
IE Irradiation Effects
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEMP Integrated Environmental Monitoring Plan
IEP International Energy Program
IEP Interactive Electronic Procedures (Pantex)
IFMCC Intersite Feed Materials Coordinating Committee
IFPF Idaho Fuels Processing Facility
IFSF Irradiated Fuel Storage Facility (at INEEL)
IG Inspector General
IH Industrial Hygiene
IHA Integrated Hazard Analysis
IHEM In-House Energy Management Program
IHgTU Interim Mercury Treatment Unit
IIMS Integrated Information Management System
ILAW Immobilized Low-Activity Waste
ILTSF Intermediate-Level Transuranic Storage Facility
ILW Intermediate-Level Liquid Waste
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMP Impacted Materials Placement (Plan)
IMT Integrated Management Team
in. inch
INCIN Incineration
INEEL Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
INF Intermediate Nuclear Forces
INL Idaho National Laboratory
INPO Institute for Nuclear Power Operations
INTEC Idaho Nuclear Technologies and Engineering Center at INEEL
IP Implementation Plan
IPAC Industrial and Professional Advisory Council
IPRP Implementation Plan for the Recovery of Plutonium
IRB Internal Review Board or Budget
IRC Information Resource Center
IRDP Integrated Remedial Design Package
IRIS Integrated Risk Information System
IRM Initial Remedial Measure
IRR Internal Rate of Return
IRS Interim Retrievable Storage
IRTS Integrated Radwaste Treatment System
IS Industrial Safety
ISA Interim Storage Area (at Hanford)
ISCORS Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards
ISF Interim Storage Facility
ISFSI Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation
ISI In-Service Inspection
ISL In Situ Leaching
ISM Integrated Safety Management
ISMS Integrated Safety Management Systems
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISV In Situ Vitrification
IT Innovative Technologies
IT Isomeric Transition
ITC Inner Tent Chamber
ITC TRU Impractical to Certify TRU
ITEH Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Health
ITP In-Tank Precipitation
ITP In-Tank Processing
ITRI Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute (Albuquerque)
IVC Independent Verification Contractor
IDC Inner Demolition Chamber
IWTS Integrated Water Treatment System
IWAP Integrated Weapons Activity Plan
IWC Instream Waste Concentration
IWMC Integrated Waste Management Complex
IWMF Interim Waste Management Facility
IWMIS Industrial Waste Management Information Systems
IWO Interim Waste Operations
IWPF Idaho Waste Processing Facility
IWQP Integrated Water Quality Program
JAI (E.R.) Johnson Associates, Inc., Oakton, Virginia
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JIO Joint Integration Office
JTU Jackson Turbidity Unit
K^eff Calculated Effective Multiplication Factor
K-25 Site Oak Ridge K-25 Site
KAMS K-Area Materials Storage Facility
KAPL Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
KC Kansas City Area Office
KCP Kansas City Plant
KCSO Kansas City Site Office
KD Key Decision
KE K East Reactor
KEH Kaiser Engineers, Hanford
KESS Kesselring Site (at KAPL)
KFL Key Facilities List
kg Kilogram
KI Kirtland Area Office
km kilometer
KOH KOH Systems, Inc.
KPDES Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
K-T Kepner-Tregoe
KW K West Reactor
KWD Kilowatt Days
LAAO Los Alamos Area Office
LAER Lowest Achievable Emission Rate
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANSE Los Alamos Netron Science Center
LACEF Los Alamos Criticality Experiments Facility
LASO Los Alamos Site Office
LAW Low-Activity Waste
lb pound
L-Basin Savannah River Site’s L-Reactor Basin
LBL Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California
LBS. Pounds
LC(50) Effluent Concentration Lethal to 50% of Test Organisms
LCL95 95% Lower Confidence Limit
LCV Lowest Chronic Value
LDRs Land Disposal Restrictions
LDU Land Disposal Unit
LEP Life Extension Program
LEU Low Enriched Uranium
LiH Lithium Hydride
LEF L-Area Experiemental Facility
LECS Liquid Effluent Containment System
LEFPC Lower East Fork Popular Creek
LEHR Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research
LEL Lowest Effect Level
LEPCs Local Emergency Planning Committees
LET Linear Energy Transfer
LET&D Liquid Effluent Treatment and Disposal
LETF Liquid Effluent Treatment Facility
LEU Low-enriched Uranium
LFRSB Loose Fuel-Rod Shipping Basket
LGR Light-Water Cooled, Graphite-Moderated Reactor
LHS Latin Hypercube Sampling
LICP Line Item Construction Project
LiOH Lithium Hydroxide
LIS Laser Isotope Separation
L-Lake Cooling Lake
LLBG Low-Level Burial Grounds
LLCL Low Level Counting Laboratory
LLD Lower Limit of Detection
LLLW Liquid Low-Level Waste
LLMW Low Level Mixed Waste
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLRW Low-Level Radioactive Waste
LLRWPA Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments of 1985
LLRWPAA Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1985
LLW Low-Level Waste
LLWDDD Low-Level Waste Disposal, Development, and Demonstration
LLWMA Low-Level Waste Management Area
LLWMP Low-Level Waste Management Program
LLWPSS Low-Level Waste Processing and Shipping Program
LMA Line Management Assessment
LMER Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation
LMES Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
LMFBR Liquid-Metal Fast-Breeder Reactor
LMITCO Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company, Idaho Falls, Idaho
LMUS Lockheed Martin Utility Services, Inc.
LOAEL Lowest-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level
LOC Loss of Coolant
LOCA Loss-of-Coolant Accident
LOEC Lowest-Observed Effective Level
LOFT Loss of Fluid Test
LSA Low Specific Activity
LSFA Landfill Stabilization Focus Area
LSI Liver-Somatic Index
LSMR Large-Scale Metal Recycle
LSO Livermore Site Office
LTHWR Low-Temperature Heavy-Water Reactor
LTRA Long Term Response Action
LTSM Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance
LTV Lowest Test Value
LUST Leaking Underground Storage Tank
LWA Land Withdrawal Act
LWBR Light-Water Breeder Reactor
LWR Light-Water Reactor
LWTS Liquid Waste Treatment System
M&I Management and Integration
M&O Management & Operating
M&TE Measuring and Test Equipment
M/S Materials and Services
M2 Square Meter
M3 Cubic Meter
MAA Material Access Area
MACRO Macro encapsulation
MACT Maximum Achievable Control Technology
MACTEC MAC Technical Services Company
MAD Maintenance Assembly and Disassembly
MAD Mutual Assured Destruction
MAO Miamisburg Area Office
MAP Management Action Process
MAP Mitigation Action Plan
MAPEP Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program
MAPI Mitsubishi Atomic Power Industries
MARSSIM Multi-Agency Radiological Survey and Site Investigation Manual
MASS Massachusetts Bay
MAT Monitoring, Analysis and Testing
MAWS Minimum Additive Waste Stabilization
MC&A Materials Control and Accountability
MCC Motor Control Center
MCi Magacuries
MCL Maximum Contaminant Level
MCLG Maximum Contaminate Level Goal
MCO Multi-Canister Overpack
MCP Miamisburg Closure Project
MCS Monitoring Control System
MCU Modular CSSX Unit
MCW Maywood Chemical Works
MDA Minimum Detectable Activity
MDC Minimum Detectable Concentration
MDNR Missouri Department of Natural Resources
MDOC Missouri Department of Conservation
MDSA Master Document Safety Analysis
MED Manhattan Engineer District
MEDLAR National Library of Medicine Database
MEF Material Evaluation Form
MEK Melton Branch Kilometer
METC Morgantown Energy Technology Center
MEWS Mixed Energy Waste Study
MFKY Maxey Flats, Kentucky (commercial waste site)
MFRP Midwest Fuel Recovery Plant, Morris Illinois (commercial spent fuel storage site)
MFT Memorandum to File
mg Milligram
MG Motor Generator
mg/kg milligram per kilogram
mg/l Milligrams Per Liter
Mgd Million Gallons Per Day
MGPF Multiprogram General Purpose Facilities
MHTC Missouri Highway Transportation Commission
MI Minority Institution
MIE Major Item of Expense
MIK Mitchell Branch Kilometer
MIMS Manifest Information Management System
MIN Materials in Inventory
MIP Maintenance Implementation Plan
MIS Management Information System
MIS Materials Identification & Surveillance Program
MK-F MK-Ferguson of Oak Ridge Company
MLC Military Liaison Committee
MLIS Molecular Laser Isotope Separation
MLLW Mixed Low-Level Waste
MLLWDF Mixed Low-Level Waste Disposal Facility
MMEC Materials Management Executive Committee
MMES Martin Marietta Energy Systems
MMP Materials Management Plan
MND Mound Plant
MNS Master Nuclear Schedule
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOE Ministry of Environment (Ontario)
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
Mound Miamisburg Environmental Management Project
MP Major Project
MPC Matrix Parameter Category
MPC Multi-Purpose Canister
MPPF Multi-Purpose Processing Facility
MPRSA The Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act
MPS Meters Per Second
mrem/yr Millirems per Year
MRF Metal Recovery Facility
MRM Miscellaneous Radioactive Material
MSA Major Systems Acquisition
MSA Material Staging Area
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Areas
MSAD Mechanical Safe and Arm Detonator
MSCA Multi-Site Cooperative Agreement
MSCC Material Segregation and Containerization Criteria (form)
MSDSs Materials Safety Data Sheets
MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSL Management Systems Laboratory
MSL Mean Sea Level
MSR Molten Salt Reactor (at ORNL)
MSRE Molten Salt Reactor Experiment
MSRE Molten Salt Reactor Experiment
MSSA Master Safeguard and Security Agreement
mSv Millisievert
MT Metric Tons
MTHM Metric Tons Heavy Metal
MTIHM Metric Tons Initial Heavy Metal
MTL Material Tracking Location
MTR Materials and Test Reactor
MTR Minimum Technology Requirement
MTRUM Mixed Transuranic Waste
MTU Metric Tons Uranium
MURR Missouri (University of) Research Reactor, Columbia Missouri
MVTWTP Melton Valley Transuranic Waste Treatment Plant
MVWPF Melton Valley Transuranic Waste Processing Facility
MVWTP Melton Valley Waste Treatment Plant
MW Megawatt
MW Mixed Waste
MWe Megawatt Electric
MWIR Mixed Waste Inventory Report
MWMF Mixed Waste Management Facility
MWt Megawatt Thermal
MWTF Multi-Function Waste Tank Facility
N/A Not Applicable
NA Not Applicable
NAA "Nonattainment" Area
NAAG National Association of Attorneys General
NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NAE National Academy of Engineers
NaI Sodium Iodide
NARA National Archives and Record Administration
NARAC National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center
NARM Naturally-Occurring or Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
NAS National Academy of Sciences
NAWQC National Ambient Water Quality Criteria
NB New Brunswick Laboratory
NB Nitrobenzene
NBL-NJ New Brunswick Laboratory - New Jersey
NBSR National Bureau of Standards Reactor, Gaithersburg, Maryland
NCAPS National Corrective Action Prioritization System
NCAW Neutralized Current Acid Waste
NCP National Contingency Plan
NCP+ National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan (National Contingency Plan)
NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
NCRW Neutralized Cladding Removal Waste
NCSP Nuclear Criticality Safety Program
NDA Nondestructive Assay/NRC Licensed Disposal Area
NDE Nondestructive Evaluation
NDE/NDA Non-Destructive Examination/Non-Destructive Assay
NDT Nondestructive Testing
NE Office of Nuclear Energy
NEC National Electric Code
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act (1969)
NERL-LV National Exposure Research Laboratory at Las Vegas
NES Nonradiological Environmental Surveillance Program
NES Nuclear Explosive Safety Process
NESE Nuclear Explosion Safety Evaluation
NESS Nuclear Explosive Safety Study
NESHAPs National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory
NETO National Environmental Training Office
NEUTR Neutralization
NFCS Nationwide Food Consumption Survey
NFPA National Fire Protection Agency
NFS Nuclear Fuels Services
NFSS Niagara Falls Storage Site
ng Nanograms
NGA National Governor's Association
NHF New Hydrofracture Facility
NHP New Hope Pond
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NIEHS National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NLF Navy Landfill
NLOP North Load-Out Pit (Hanford)
NM New Mexico
NM Nuclear Materials
NMD No-Migration Determination
NMD No-Migration Determination
NMED New Mexico Environment Department
NMEID New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division
NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service
NMGF New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
NMIMT New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
NMIS Nuclear Materials Inspection and Storage
NMMD Nuclear Material Management Division
NMMSS Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System
NMP Office of Nuclear Materials Production
NMV No-Migration Variance
NMWQCCR New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission Regulations
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
NOA Notice of Availability
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAEL No-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level
NOD Notice of Decision
OBOE Subcritical Experiments at Nevada Test Site
NOD Notice of Deficiency
NOEC no-observed-effect concentration
NOEL no-observed-effect level
NOI Notice of Intent
NOMAD trade name; not an acronym
NON Notice of Noncompliance
NORM Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NOV Notice of Violation
NOx Nitrogen Oxides
NOx Nitrous Oxide
Np Neptunium
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPDWR National Primary Drinking Water Regulations
NPL+ National Priorities List
NPR New Production Reactor
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NPS National Park Service
NPV Net Present Value
NQA National Quality Assurance
NR Natural Resource
NR Naval Reactors
NRC National Research Council
NRC National Response Center
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRD Natural Resource Damage
NRDA Natural Resource Damage Assessment
NRDC Natural Resource Defense Council
NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NRF Naval Reactor Facility
NRT National Response Team
NRTC Natural Resource Trustee Council
NRWTF Nonradiological Wastewater Treatment Facility
NSC National Security Council
NSDWP National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations
NSF National Science Foundation
NSF National Strike Force
NSO Nevada Site Office
NSPS New Source Performance Standards
NTIS National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia
NTPO National Transuranic Waste Program Office
NTS Nevada Test Site
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NTU Nephelometric Turbidity Unit
NUMEC Nuclear Uranium Materials and Equipment Corporation
NUREG NRC Acronym used for Regulatory Guidance Documents
NUS NUS Corporation, Gaithersburg, Maryland
NV Nevada Field Office
NV Nevada Operations Office
NVLAP National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
NW 2 Northwest 2
NWCF New Waste Calcining Facility
NWHWRC Pacific Northwest Hazardous Waste, Research, Development and Demonstration Center
NWPA Nuclear Waste Policy Act (1982)
NWPAA NWP Amendments Act of 1987
NWSM Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Memorandums
NYSDEC New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NYSERDA New York State Energy Research and Development Administration
O&EC Operating and Engineering Contractor
O&M Operation and Maintenance
O&MM Operations and Maintenance Manual
O/O Owner/Operator
OA Office of Independence Oversight and Performance Assurance
OAC Ohio Administration Code
OAK Oakland Operations Office
OBE Overtaken by Events
OCB Operations Control Building
OCF Oxide Conversion Facility
OCRWM Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
ODS Ozone-Depleting Substance
OE Operating Expense
OECM Office of Enforcement and Compliance Division
OEMP Operational Environmental Monitoring Plan
OEPA Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
OER Office of Energy Research
OER Office of Environmental Restoration
OERR Office of Emergency and Remedial Response
OFFE Office of Federal Facilities Enforcement
OH Ohio Field Office
OHF Old Hydrofracture Facility
OHM Office of Hazardous Materials
OHMTADS Oil and Hazardous Material Technical Assistance Data System
OMA Office of Military Application
OMB Office of Management and Budget
ONS Office of Nuclear Safety, ASPE
ONWI Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation
OO Operations Office
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OPM Office of Program Management
OPTRAN Operational Transit
OR Oak Ridge Field Office
OR Oak Ridge Operations Office
OR Oak Ridge Complex: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, East Tennessee Technology Park and Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
ORAU Oak Ridge Associated University
OREIS Oak Ridge Environmental Information System
ORGDP Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25 Site)
ORIGEN Oak Ridge Isotope Generator
ORIGEN2 Oak Ridge Isotope Generation and Depletion Code (version 2)
ORISE Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
ORM Other Regulated Material
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORO Oak Ridge Operations Office
ORP Office of River Protection
ORR Oak Ridge Reservation
ORR Operational Readiness Review
ORREMP Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Monitoring Program
ORREMSSAB Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Management Site Specific Advisory Board
ORR-PCB-FFCA Oak Ridge Reservation Polychlorinated Biphenyl Federal Facilities Compliance Act
OSC+ On-Scene Coordinator
OSDF On-site Disposal Facility
OSH Occupational Safety and Health
OSH Act Occupational Safety and Health Act
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSO Office of Science and Technology Policy Operational Services - Other
OSR Operational Safety Requirement
OSTI Office of Scientific and Technical Information
OSW Office of Solid Waste
OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
OTA Office of Technology Assessment
OTD Office of Technology Development
OU Operable Unit
OWP Office of Weapon Production
OWPE Office of Waste Programs Enforcement
OWST Organic Waste Storage Tank
P&D Production and Development
P&PD Production and Planning Directive
P.L. Public Law
PA Project Authorization
PA/ES&H Production Assurance/Environment, Safety and Health
PA/SI Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection
PA/SI Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation
PA/ST Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection
PA+ Preliminary Assessment
PAAA Price-Anderson Amendments Act
PACE Plant and Capital Equipment
PAD Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Paducah, Kentucky
PAF Plasma Arc Furnace
PAH Polycyclicpoly-nuclear Atomic Hydrocarbons
PAM Perimeter Air Monitoring (station)
Panel Federal Technical Capability Panel
PANT Pantex Plant, Amarillo, Texas
PAO Department of Energy Public Affairs Office
PAO Princeton Group
PAP Personnel Assurance Program
PAP Project Acquisition Plan
PARM Program Analysis and Resource Management, OMA
PATRAM Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials
PBF Power Burst Facility
PBS Project Baseline Summary
PC Personal Computer
PC Poplar Creek
PCE Perchloroethene
pCi Picocurie
pCi/G Picocries per gram
PCK Poplar Creek Kilometer
PCM Phase Contrast Microscopy
PCM Poplar Creek Mile
PCPs Polycholrinated Biphenyl
PCS Primary Coolant System
PCT Production Consistency Testing
PDC Performance Development Corporation
PDCF Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility
PDF Portable Document Format
PDQ-7 Group Diffusion Reactor Computation Code
PDR Performance Dry Run
PDS Project Data System
PDSA Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis
PE&D Plant Engineering and Design
PEG Program Execution Guidance
PEIS Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
PEP Program Execution Plan
PER (special) Power Excursion Reactor (test) (at INEEL)
PERT Performance Evaluation Review Technique
PETC Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center
PEW Process Equipment Waste
PFM Process Facility Modification
PFP Plutonium Finishing Plant
PGDP Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (Paducah)
pH Hydrogen-Ion Activity of a System
PHEA Public Health and Ecological Assessment
PHSO Philadelphia Regional Support Office
PI Pinellas Area Office
PI Principal Investigator
PIAT Public Information Assistance Team
PICS Project Information Control System
PIDAS Perimeter Intrusion Detection Assessment System
Pinellas Pinellas Plant, Largo, Florida
PIP Program Implementation Plan
PIP Public Involvement Program
PISCES Plant Instrumentation Surveillance Calibration & Evaluation System
PJM Pulse Jet Mixer
PLE Product Limit Estimate
PM Prevention Maintenance
PM Program Manager
PM Project Manager
PM-10 Particulate Matter less than 10 Microns in Diameter
PMA Power Marketing Administration
PMC Project Management Contractor
PMIP Project Management and Integration Plan
PMP Project Management Plan
PMPR Program Manager's Progress Report
PMS Project Management System
PNL Pacific Northwest Laboratory
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington
PNPF Piqua Nuclear Power Facility
PNRO Pittsburgh Naval Reactors Office
PNWL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs
PO-5 Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Materials-Asset Management and National Security Policy Analysis
PO-6 Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy, Environmental and Economic Policy Analysis
POC Point of Contact
POL Project Objective Letter
POLREPS Pollution Reports
POM Packaging Operations Management
PORT Portsmouth Site Office
PORTS Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
POTW Publicly Owned Treatment Works
PP Pantex Plant
PP Plutonium Processing
PP Project Plan
PP Proposed Plan for Remedial Action and the Chemical Plant Area of the Weldon Springs
PPA Pollution Prevention Act
PPB/PPM Parts per Billion/Parts per Million
PPBS Federal Planning, Programming and Budgeting System
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPL Program Planning Level
PPM Parts per Million
PPM/PPB Parts per Million/Parts per Billion
PPOA Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessment
PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
PPPO Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office
PPS Plant Protection System
PRA Probabilistic Risk Assessment
PRAC Programs Risk Advisory Committee
PRAP Proposed Remedial Action Plan
PRD Project Requirements Document
PRDA Program Research and Development Announcement
PRECP Chemical Precipitation
PREPP Processing Experimental Pilot Plant
PRF Plutonium Reclamation Facility
PRP Potentially Responsible Party
PRP Productivity Retention Program
PRS Project Record Services
PRSC+ Post-Removal Site Control
PRTR Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor
PSAR Preliminary Safety Analysis Report
PSC Public Service of Colorado
PSCM Pilot Scale Ceramic Melter
PSCS Preliminary Site Characterization Summary
PSD Prevention of Significant Deterioration
PSG Planning Support Group
PSO Program Secretarial Office
PSO Program Senior Official
PSP Plasma Separation Process
PSP Post Solidification Plan
PSP Project-Specific Plan
PSTP Proposed Site Treatment Plan
PSWBS Program/Project Summary WBS
PTI Project Training and Improvement
PTS Project Tracking System
PTSO Project Technical Support Office
Pu Plutonium
Pu/Ti Plutonium/Titanium
PuCL Plutonium Chloride
PuE Plutonium Equivalent
PuSPS Plutonium Stabilization and Packaging System
PUREX Plutonium Uranium Extraction
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
PWID Project Waste Identification and Disposition (form)
PWMP Pond Waste Management Project
PWR Pressurized-Water Reactor
PWSF Production Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility
PWTDF Production Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility
PWTF Production Waste Treatment Facility
PY Prior Year
q1* Carcinogenicity Slope Factor
QA Quality Assurance
QA/QC Quality Assurance/Quality Control
QACD Quality Assurance Control Document
QAMS Quality Assurance Management Staff
QAMT Quality Assurance Management Team
QAP Quality Assurance Plan
QAP Quality Assurance Procedure
QAP Quality Assurance Program
QAPD Quality Assurance Program Description
QAPjP Quality Assurance Project Plan
QAPP+ Quality Assurance Project Plan
QARD Quality Assurance Requirements Document
QARG Quality Assurance Review Group
QAT Quality Action Team
QC Quality Control
QTY Quantity
QWTP Quarry Water Treatment Plant
R&D Research and Development
RA Readiness Assessment
RA Removal Action
RA Risk Assessment
RA+ Remedial Action
RAC Response Action Contractor
RACT Reasonably Achievable Control Technology
RAD Radiation Absorbed Dose
RAD Radioactivity
RAD-NESHAP Radionuclide National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutions
RAL Remote Analytical Laboratory
RAM Remote Area Monitor
RANT Radioassay and Nondestructive Testing
RAO Remedial Action Objectives
RAP Remedial Action Program
RAR Remedial Action Report
RASB Radioactive Asbestos
RAWP Remedial Action Work Plan
RBE Relative Biological Effectiveness
RBOF Savannah River Site’s Receiving Basin for Offsite Fuels
RBP Radiological Baseline Program
RC Regional Coordinator
RC Remedial Construction
RCA Radiological Control Area
RCB Retrieval Containment Building
RCD Reference Conceptual Design
RCF RCRA Facility Assessment
RCG Radioactivity Concentration Guide
RCM Radiological Control Manual
RCMS Removal Cost Management System
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (1976)
RCSB Rackable Can Storage Box
RCW Recirculating Cooling Water
RD&D Research, Development, and Demonstration
RD/RA Remedial Design/Remedial Action
RD+ Remedial Design
RDDT&E Research Development Demonstration Test and Evaluation
RDR Remedial Design Report
RDS Risk Data Sheet
REA Radiological Engineering Assessment
REDAC Remote Detection and Controls
REDC Radionuclide engineering Development Center
REECo Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company, Inc.
REM Remedial Planning
REM Roentgen Equivalent Man
RER Remediation Effectiveness Report
RES Radiological Environmental Surveillance
RESL Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory
RESRAD Residual Radiation
RF Rocky Flats Field Office
RFA RCRA Facility Assessment
RfC Reference Concentration
RfD Reference Dose
RFETS Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site
RFFO Rocky Flats Field Office
RFI RCRA Facility Investigation
RFI Plans RCRA Facility Investigation Plans
RFI/CMS RFI/Corrective Measure Study
RFP Request for Proposal
RFPO Rocky Flats Project Office
RGO Remedial Goal Option
RGP Rare Gas Plant
RH Remote-Handled
RHF Reactor a-Haut Flux
RHO Rockwell Hanford Operations
RH-TRU Remote-Handled Transuranic Waste
RI Rockwell International Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
RI/FS Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
RI/FS-EIS Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study-Environmental Impact Statement
RI+ Remedial Investigation
RIA Reactivity Initiated Accident
RIA Regulatory Impact Analysis
RICH Richland, Washington (commercial waste site)
RIF Recoverable Irradiated Fuel
RIR Remedial Investigation Report
RL Radio luminescent (light)
RL Richland Field Office
RL Richland Operations Office
RM Responsible Manager
RMD Resource Management Division
RMDF Radioactive Materials Disposal Facility
RME Reasonable Maximum Exposure
RMI Reactive Metals, Incorporated Titanium Company Extrusion Plant, Ashtabula, Ohio
RMP Radiological Monitoring Plan
RMPE Reduction of Mercury in Plan Effluent
RMW Radioactive Mixed Waste
RMX Radioactive Mixed Waste
ROA Research Opportunity Announcement
ROD Record of Decision
ROG Radioactive Organic Gases
ROI Return on Investment
ROV Report of Violation
RP+ Responsible Party
RPCB Radioactive Polychlorinated Biphenyl
RPM Remedial Project Manager
RQ+ Reportable Quantity
RRB Readiness Review Board
RRC Regional Response Center
RRT Regional Response Team
RSCRC Regional Superfund Community Relations Coordinator
RSM Radioactively Contaminated Scrap Metal
RSO Responsible Supervisory Official
RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration
RSR Remote Size Reduction
RSWF Radioactive Scrap & Waste Facility
RSWMS Radioactive Scrap and Waste Management Site
RTG Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTR Real Time Radiography
RTS Removal Tracking System
RW Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
RWG Reduced Waste Generation
RWMC Radioactive Waste Management Complex
RWMIS Radioactive Waste Management Information System
RWMS Radioactive Waste Management Site
RWP Radiation Work Permit
RWQCB Regional Water Quality Control Board
S&A Sampling and Analysis
S&M Surveillance and Maintenance
S&S Safeguards and Security
s.c. Subcutaneous
S/RIDs Standards/ Requirements Identification Documents
S-1 U.S. Department of Energy Secretary of Energy
SAB Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board
SAC Senate Appropriations Committee
SAC Support Agency Coordinator
SACA Support Agency Cooperative Agreement
SAD Safety Analysis Document
SAF Secure Automated Fabrication
SAFER Streamlined Approach for Environmental Restoration
SAIC Science Application International Corporation
SAN San Francisco Field Office
SAN San Francisco Operations Office
SAP Sampling and Analysis Plan
SAR Safety Analysis Report
SARA+ Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
SARP Safety Analysis Report for Packaging
SARS Safety Analysis and Review System
SAS Special Analytical Services
SASC Senate Armed Services Committee
SASSI System for Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction
SAV Secondary Acute Value
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research
SBS Safety Basis Strategy
SBW Sodium-Bearing Waste
SCAP Superfund Consolidated Accomplishments Plan
SCDHEC South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
SCEM Site Conceptual Exposure Model
SCO State Cleanup Order
SCQ Site wide CERCLA Quality Assurance Project Plan
SCS Soil Conservation Service
SCTI Sodium Components Test Installation
SCV Secondary Chronic Value
SCW Special Case Waste
SDA State-licensed Disposal Area
SDA Subsurface Disposal Area
SDF Slurry Dewatering Facility
SDG San Diego (Pacific Ocean off San Diego, California)
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SDOR Saltless Direct Oxide Reduction
SDS Submerged Demineralizer System
SDWA Safe Drinking Water Act
SE&EA Safety, Environment, and Emergency Actions
SE-1 Southeast 1
SE-2 Southeast 2
SEA Site Evaluation Accomplished
SEB Source Evaluation Board
Secretary Secretary of Energy
SED Site wide Environmental Database
SEG Scientific Ecology Group, Inc., Oak Ridge, Tennessee
SEIS State Environmental Impact Statement
SEIS Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
SEMP Systems Engineering Management Plan
SEN Secretary of Energy Notice
SEP Safety Enhancement Program
SEP Site wide Excavation Plan
SER Site Environmental Report
SERA Superfund Emergency Response Actions
SERCs State Emergency Response Commissions
SERDP Strategic Environmental Research Development Program
SETF Systems Evaluation and Test Facilities
SEU Slightly Enriched Uranium
SF San Francisco Operations Office
SF Slope Factor
SF+ Superfund
SFD Severe Fuel Damage
SIMS Safety Issues Management System
SIRR Single Internal Readiness Review
SFE Supercritical Fluid Extraction
SFMP Surplus Facilities Management Program
SFO San Francisco Operations Office
SHEF Sheffield, Illinois (commercial waste site)
SHPO State Historic Preservation Officer
SI International System of Units (metric system)
SI Saturation Indexes
SI Sensitivity Index
SI+ Site Inspection
SIA Strategic Issues and Analysis
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SIC Standard Industrial Code
SICAPCD San Joaquin County Air Pollution Control District
SIF Systems Integration Plans
SIMS Safety Issues Management System
SIP State Implementation Plans
SIS Special Isotope Separation
SITE Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLB Shallow Land Burial
SLSF Sodium Loop Safety Facility
SM Special Metallurgical
SM Stationary Media
SMAC Shipment Mobility and Accountability
SMB Special Metallurgical Building
SMC Special Manufacturing Capability
SMCL Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level
SMCRA Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMO Sample Management Office
SMOA+ Superfund Memorandum of Agreement
SMP Site Management Plan
SMPC Senior Management Planning Council
SMS Sludge Mobilization System
SMT Safety Management Team
SNAP Significant New Alternatives Policy
SNF Spent Nuclear Fuel
SNFP Spent Nuclear Fuel Program
SNL Sandia National Laboratories
SNL/CA Sandia National Laboratories/California, Livermore, California
SNL/NM Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
SNLA Sandia National Laboratories - Albuquerque
SNLL Sandia National Laboratories - Livermore
SNLNM Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico and California
SNM Special Nuclear Material
SNRO Schenectady Naval Reactors Office
SNRS Stationary Neutron Radiography System, Sacramento, California
SO System Operational
SOP System/Standard Operating Procedures/Practice
SOW Statement of Work
SP Standard Practice
SPCC Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure
SPDES State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
SPDV Site and Preliminary Design Validation
SPEERA Secretarial Panel for the Evaluation of Epidemiologic Research Activities
SPF Sodium Process Facility
SPF Spontaneous Fission
SPMD Semipermeabel membrane Device
SPMS Strategic Planning and Management System
SPP Standard Practice Procedure
SPR Single-Pass Reactor (Hanford)
SPRO Strategic Petroleum Reserves Office
SQA Safety and Quality Assurance
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SQAG Sediment Quality Assessment Guideline
SQAIP Software Quality Assurance Improvement Plan
SQAS Software Quality Assurance Subcommittee
SQC Sediment Quality Criteria
SR Savannah River Operations Office
SREL Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
SRF Size Reduction Facility
SRG Safety Resource Group
SRIIC Standards and Requirements Identification Improvement Council
SRL Savannah River Laboratory
SRNL Savannah River National Laboratory
SRO Savannah River Operations Office
SRP Savannah River Plant
SRRT Start-up Readiness Review Team
SRS Savannah River Site
SRSO Savannah River Site Office
SRSO Seattle Regional Support Office
SRTC Savannah River Technical Center (at SRS)
SS Stainless Steel
SS-21 Seamless Safety for the 21st Century
SSAB Site-Specific Advisory Board
SSAP Site Sampling and Analysis Plan
SSC Scientific Support Contractor
SSC+ Superfund State Contract
SSE Safe Shutdown Earthquake
SSFL Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Canoga Park, California [also referred to as the Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC)]
SSI Site Screening Investigation
SSI Soil-Structure Interaction
SSNAEL Site-Specific No Apparent Effects Level
SSO Sandia Site Office
SSP Site-Specific Plan
SSR Summary Structural Report
SSSR Site Specific Standard Request
SST Single-Shell Tanks
ST Strong-Tight
START Steps to Achieve Required Training
STD Standard
STEL Stay Time Exposure Level
STEP State Training and Emergency Preparation (and response)
STGWG State and Tribal Working Group
STP Sewage Treatment Plant
STP Sludge Treatment Project
STPs Site Treatment Plans
STS Supernatant Treatment System
SURF Sandia Underground Reactor Facility
SV Schedule Variance
Sv Sievert
SW Sanitary Waste
SWAT Solid Waste Assessment Test
SWATS Site Wide Audit Tracking System
SWDA Solid Waste Disposal Act
SWDA-7 Solid Waste Disposal Area-7
SWDF Solid Waste Disposal Facility
SWEPP Stored Waste Examination Pilot Plant
SWHISS Surface Water Hydrological Information Support System
SWIFTS Site wide Waste Information Forecasting and Tracking System
SWIMS Solid Waste information Management System
SWM Solid Waste Management
SWMU Solid Waste Management Unit
SWPF Salt Waste Processing Facility
SWPP Storm Water Pollution Prevention
SWPPP Storm Waster Pollution Prevention Plan
SWR Special Waste Reactor
SWRB Storm Water Retention Basin
SWSA Solid Waste Storage Area
SWTP Site Water Treatment Plant
SWU Separative Work Unit
SWU Southern Waste Unit(s)
TA Technical Area (LANL, SNL)
TEF Tritium Extraction facility
TPB tetraphenylborate
TQP Technical Qualification Program
TRU transuranic
TSR Technical Safety Requirement
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
TWRA Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
TWRS Tank Waste Remediation System
TWTF Transuranic Waste Treatment Facility
TWTSF Transuranic Waste Treatment & Storage Facility
TYP Ten-Year Plan
U Uranium
U-235 Uranium-235
UBC Uniform Building Code
UCB Upper Confidence Bound
UCC Union Carbide Corporation
UCD University of California at Davis
uCi Micro curie
UCL95 95% Upper Confidence Limit
UCNI Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
UE Uranium Enrichment
UEFPC Upper East Fork Poplar Creek
UE-PCB-FFCA Uranium Enrichment Polychlorinated Biphenyl federal Facilities Compliance Agreement
UE-TSCA-FFCA Uranium Enrichment Toxic Substance Control Act Federal Facility Compliance Agreement
ug/l Micrograms Per Liter
UIC Underground Injection Control
UMT Uranium Mill Tailings
UMTGA Uranium Mill Tailings Groundwater Restoration (project)
UMTRA Uranium Mill Tailing Remedial Action Program
UMTRAP Uranium Mill Tailing Remedial Action Program
UMTRCA Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act of 1978
UN United Nations
UNC United Nuclear Corporation
UOR Unusual Occurrence Report
UPF Uranium Processing Facility
UPS Uninterruptible Power System
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
URS Uniform Report System
USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USAMC U.S. Army Material Command, Rock Island, Illinois
U.S.C. United States Code
USCG United States Coast Guard
USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
USDW Underground Source of Drinking Water
USFWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USQ Unreviewed Safety Questions
USQE Unreviewed Safety Question Evaluation
USS U.S. Steel
UST Underground Storage Tank
UV Ultraviolet
VA Veterans Administration, U.S.
VDRIF Variable Dose Rate Irradiation Facility
VEE Visible Emissions Evaluation
VEPCO Virginia Electric Power Company, Richmond, Virginia
VF Virtrification Facility
VHEU Very Highly Enriched Uranium
VL Various Locations
VLEU Very Low-Enriched Uranium
VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds
VP Vapor Pressure
VPB Vitrification Project Branch
VPI Virginia Polytechnic Institute
VPP Voluntary Protection Program
VPs Vicinity Properties
VSI Visceral-Somatic Index
VSI Visual Site Inspection
VSS Vital Safety System
VTL Validated Target Level
WAC Waste Acceptance Criteria
WACC Waste Acceptance Criteria Committee
WACCC Waste Acceptance Criteria Certification Committee
WAESD Westinghouse Advanced Energy Systems Division
WAG Waste Area Group
WAO Waste Acceptance Operations
WAP Waste Analysis Plan
WAPS Waste Acceptance Preliminary Specifications
WAS Waste Acceptance Specifications
WBR Watts Bar Reservoir
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WCCF Waste Characterization and Certification Facility
WCD Waste Form and Canister Description
WCF Waste Calcining Facility
WCF Waste Characterization Facility
WCK White Oak Creek Kilometer
WDOE Washington Department of Ecology
WEAF Waste Examination Assay Facility
WEC Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WED Waste Engineering Development
WEFF Waste Encapsulation and Fractionating Facility
WELD Weldon Spring Site Office
WERF Waste Experimental Reduction Facility
WESF Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility
West Valley West Valley Demonstration Project
Weston Roy F. Weston, Inc.
WETF West End Treatment Facility
WETO Western Energy Technology Office
WFPC West Fork Poplar Creek
WFQ Waste Form Qualification
WGA Western Form Qualification
WGI Washington Group International
WGWA Working Group for Waste Acceptance
WHC Westinghouse Hanford Company
WHPP (Transuranic) Waste Handling and Packaging Plant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
WHPP Waste Handling Pilot Plant
WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
WIN Waste Information Network
WINCO Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company
WIND Windsor Site (at KAPL)
WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
WITS Waste Inventory Tracking System
WITS Waste Isolation Tracking System
WKWMA West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area
WL Working Level
WLM Working Level Monitor
WLM Working Level Month
WM Waste Management
WMCO Westinghouse Materials Company of Ohio
WMFU Waste Minimization Facility Upgrade
WMIN Waste Minimization
Wmin/P2 Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention
WMIS Waste Management Information Systems
WMO Waste Management Operations Program
WMP Waste Management Plan
WMPP Waste Management Project Plan
WNYNSC Western New York Nuclear Service Center
WO Waste Operations
WOC White Oak Creek
WOCC Waste Operations Control Center
WOD White Oak Dam
WOL White Oak Lake
WPAB Work Package Authorization System
WPC Water Pollution Control
WPIO Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Project Integration Office, Albuquerque, New Mexico
WPPSS Washington Public Power Supply System
WPRAP Waste Pits Remedial Action Project
WPSO WIPP Project Site Office
WQA Water Quality Act o
WQC Water Quality Criteria
WQS Water Quality Standard
WQSP Water Quality Sampling Program
WR708 War Reserve 708 Weapons Development Course
WRAP Waste Receiving and Processing Facility
WSB Waste Storage Building
WSCP Weldon Spring Chemical Plant
WSQ Weldon Springs Quarry
WSRA Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
WSRC Waste Reduction Steering Committee
WSRC Westinghouse Savannah River Company
WSRP Weldon Spring Riffinate Pits
WSS Weldon Springs Site
WSS Work Smart Standards
WSSRAP Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project
WSUFMP Weldon Spring Uranium Feed Materials Plant
WT-1 Office of Workers and Community Transition
WTAC Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Technical Assistance Contractor
WTP Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant
WTSF Waste Treatment and Storage Facility
WTWBIR Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Transuranic Waste Baseline Inventory Report
WVAO West Valley Area Office
WVDP West Valley Demonstration Project
WVNS West Valley Nuclear Services Company
WVNY West Valley, New York (commercial waste site from 1963-1981)
WVP Waste Vitrification Projects
WVPO West Valley Project Office
X-10 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, also known as the X-10 Plant
Y-12 Oak Ridge Y-12 National Security Complex
yd3 Cubic Yards
YMSCPO Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office
YSO Y-12 Site Office
YTD Year-To-Date
ZBB Zero Base Budgeting
Zn Zinc
ZPPR Zero Power Physics Reactor
ZRL Zero Risk Level