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The Department has created the Facility List Database to provide public access to summaries of information collected on the facilities listed in the Federal Register. The summary for each facility includes the following information:
  • Facility Name
  • Also Known As
  • State
  • Location
  • Time Period
  • Facility Type (Atomic Weapons Employer/Beryllium Vendor/Department of Energy)
  • Facility Description
The information in the database can be accessed in four different ways:

Display the record for a specifi covered facility.  Please note that the facilities in this database represent coverage for Part B and E and that not all facilities provide coverage under both parts. For more information on the benefits and coverage, contact a DOL resource center.

Display records for each listed facility in the selected state or location.

Search the completed database using a keyword or keywords.   For example, entering the word 'thorium' would display records that inlcude the word 'thorium' in the facility description. The feature is particularly useful for location company information across fields. For example a search of 'Westinghouse' will not only pull up the two Westinghouse facilities on the list, but will also pull up Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, the Kansas City Plant, the Feed Materials Production Center and Hanford because of its contractual roles at each of those facilities.

View All Facilities
Display records for each listed facility. The facility names are listed in alphabetical order. This option returns a very large list, so you may wish to try the other search option first.

View Deleted Facilities
Display records for each facility that has been removed from the list. Displayed in alphabetical order by facility name.