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Record Series Descriptions
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Records Series Descriptions
The University of Rochester

University of Rochester 
  SERIES TITLE      Atomic Energy Project Reports 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1948 1954 
  ARRANGEMENT  Chronological 
  VOLUME  1 cubic foot 
  DESCRIPTION  These records consist of periodic technical 
               reports from the Rochester Atomic Energy  Project 
               (AEP) to the AEC. Topics cover most aspects of AEP 
               activities, including  biomedical studies of x 
               rays, uranium, beryllium, thorium, fluoride, and 
               fallout. Information is also present regarding 
               chemical toxicity, health physics, and educational  
               programs. Some gaps are apparent in the reports. 
               The wartime origins and activities  of the project 
               are not covered extensively in this material; the 
               location of reports from  this era is unknown. 
               Bibliographic listings and indexes are available. 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      University of Rochester  School of 
                         Medicine and Dentistry  Rochester, NY