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Record Series Descriptions
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Records Series Descriptions
Oak Ridge Sites

K 25 Site 
  SERIES TITLE      Technical and Research Notebooks 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1944 present 
  VOLUME  307 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  These notebooks and logs record technical 
               operations and research relating to both  daily 
               operations and to special research activities. 
               Present are daily notes for checks  of plant 
               operations, as well as research progress. 
               Notebooks are issued to specific  individuals and 
               are used for different purposes, including to 
               record data for establishing patent or invention 
  RESTRICTIONS  This series contains a small amount of classified 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      K 25 Facility  Building 1034 A, Plant 
                         Records Vault  Oak Ridge, TN 37831    
                         Y 12 Plant