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Records Series Descriptions
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) 
  SERIES TITLE      Biology Division Experiment/Research Progress 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1948 present 
  ARRANGEMENT  Chronological 
  VOLUME  2.2 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  This record series documents the research and 
               experiment activities of the Biology  Division at 
               ORNL. The documents are periodic reports 
               consisting of abstracts of  research and 
               experiments that were performed by scientists 
               within the biology division. In addition to the 
               abstract there are also bibliographic citations if 
               publication  resulted from the research. The 
               reports also contain information on various animal  
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Y 12 Plant  Building 9207, Annex (Hall 
                         and Room 7 24)  Oak Ridge, TN 37831