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Records Series Descriptions
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) 
SERIES TITLE   Boston Oak Ridge Uranium Study Files 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1953 1958 
  ARRANGEMENT  Numerical (patient records)  None (other files) 
  VOLUME  3 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  This series consists of records sent from Dr. 
               Sweet at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, 
               to the Health Physics Division at ORNL. They 
               relate to a study in which  eleven patients with 
               inoperable brain tumors were injected with a 
               uranium solution to  determine its usefulness in 
               therapeutic treatment. The injections took place 
               at Massachusetts General Hospital and the uranium 
               solution preparation and tissue analysis  was done 
               at ORNL. The series includes a correspondence 
               file, medical notes on  patients, and autopsy 
               reports. There are logbooks for each patient that 
               include analysis of data. Also included is data on 
               animal experimentation with uranium.  
  RESTRICTIONS  This series contains privacy material.  
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge National Laboratory  1060 
                         Commerce Park, Room 253  Oak Ridge, TN