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Records Series Descriptions
Oak Ridge Sites

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) 
  SERIES TITLE      Central Files: CF-Prefixed Reports and 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1943 present 
  ARRANGEMENT  Chronological 
  VOLUME  400 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  Central files at ORNL consist of multiple series 
               maintained at a single location in the  Laboratory 
               since its inception. This CF (central files) 
               prefixed series includes both  correspondence and 
               unpublished reports, and other internal 
               unpublished material that  has been collected and 
               given a report number. After the 1970s 
               correspondence is  generally not included, but for 
               the early period there is a considerable volume. 
               There  is a small amount of material relating to 
               University of Chicago activities prior to 
               establishment of the Oak Ridge site. Approximately 
               30 cubic feet of the central files are  classified 
               and are maintained separately. Handwritten 
               chronological logs, including  classified as well 
               as unclassified entries, list the assigned report 
               number and brief  information about the document. 
               These listings, verified against the documents, 
               have  been put into an unclassified computerized 
               database that currently goes through  1949. The 
               records document the full range of activities and 
               interests of Laboratory  personnel. Included are 
               documents from the 1940s relating to Nuclear 
               Energy for the  Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA); 
               documents relating to field tests, using 
               radioactive  lanthanum, that were carried out in 
               order to provide a basis for recommendations by  
               the joint AEC National Military Establishment 
               Panel on Radiological Warfare; and  documents 
               relating to isotope production.  
  RESTRICTIONS   This series contains a small amount of 
classified information. 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
                         Building 4500 N, Room H 205 (Vault)  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37831