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Roadmap to the Project
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Records Series Descriptions
Oak Ridge Sites

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) 
SERIES TITLE   Laboratory Director Human Subject Research 
               Reference Files 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1984 present 
  ARRANGEMENT  Chronological 
  VOLUME  3 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  These records include project summaries of current 
               DOE-sponsored research activities involving human 
               subjects. Information in the file includes annual 
               funding, principal  investigators, collaborating 
               institutions, types of review, vulnerable 
               population involvement, research type, and study 
               objectives and methodology. "Protecting Human  
               Subjects" forms are included. 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
                         Building 4500 N, Room H 205 (Vault)  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37831