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Records Series Descriptions
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Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) 
SERIES TITLE   Human Total Body Irradiation Program Information 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1948 1974 
  ARRANGEMENT  Record type 
  VOLUME  1 cubic foot 
  DESCRIPTION  This is a collection of reports and other 
               documents relating to operation and investigation 
               of the ORAU total body irradiation (TBI) program. 
               Present are fact sheets and  technical documents 
               (including reports associated with summary studies 
               of TBI at 45  institutions), articles and tape 
               recordings relating to the D. Sexton litigation, 
               and  reports and other documents pertaining to the 
               1981 congressional investigation of the  TBI 
               program (Gore hearings). 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge Institute for Science and 
                         Education  Medical Sciences Division 
                         Collection  230 Warehouse Road   Records 
                         Holding Area, Room 506, Box 571  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37830