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Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) 
SERIES TITLE   Medical Correspondence and Committee Files 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1947 1993 
  ARRANGEMENT  Record type 
  VOLUME  4 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  This collection consists of several small bodies 
               of documents relating to  ORINS/ORAU medical 
               policies, including use of human subjects. The AEC 
               Medical  Division Correspondence (1947) pertains 
               to clinical testing and legal responsibilities.  
               Clinical conference announcements (1951 1957) 
               document periodic hospital staff  discussions 
               relating to patients and pertinent study findings. 
               Minutes of the  Teletheraphy Committee (1951 1960) 
               discuss development of new instruments and  
               techniques for medical use of external radiation. 
               The Committee on Human Studies  proposals (1967 
               1993) cover review of proposals to conduct studies 
               involving human  subjects at the facility. Medical 
               Radionuclide Committee/Committee on Human Studies 
               proposals (1966 1981) cover review of proposals 
               for the administration of radioactive materials to 
               human subjects involved in research. 
  RESTRICTIONS  This series contains privacy material.  
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge Institute for Science and 
                         Education   Medical Sciences Division  
                         140 East Vance Road, Room 202A  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37830