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Records Series Descriptions
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Oak Ridge Operations Office 
SERIES TITLE   Oak Ridge Contract Files 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   ca. 1943 ca. 1978 
  ARRANGEMENT  Contract number 
  VOLUME  approximately 650 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  This series consists of procurement files 
               containing forms, reports, and correspondence 
               associated with specific Oak Ridge-related 
               contracts. The bulk of the files  consist of 
               routine financial and administrative materials 
               relating to contract negotiation, awards, and 
               financial accounting. The most substantive 
               information is located  in narrative statements 
               included in project proposals, correspondence, and 
               periodic  reports, which are not always present in 
               the files for each contract. The contracts  relate 
               to all areas of MED/AEC/DOE activities, including 
               construction, manufacturing,  administration, and 
               research and development. Some human 
               experimentation activities are detailed. The 
               quantity and type of information varies among the 
               files. For each  contract file the volume of 
               material ranges from a few pages to more than a 
               cubic  foot. There are significant gaps in the 
               files, and it is not known where the missing files  
               are located. An index to contractors is available. 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge Operations Office  Building 
                         2714J  200 Administration Road  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37831