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Records Series Descriptions
Oak Ridge Sites

Oak Ridge Operations Office 
SERIES TITLE   New York Operations Office Files 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1943 1944; 1951 1957; 1964 1972 
  VOLUME  6 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  The series was compiled by New York Operations 
               Office staff to assist in oversight  of contractor 
               operations. It contains documentation on plant 
               operations, fuel element  fabrication, Rochester 
               worker badges, the Middlesex sampling plant, and 
               the Fernald  plant. The series contains letters, 
               memorandums, reports, notebooks, handwritten  
               notes, and badges.  
  RESTRICTIONS  This series contains a small amount of classified 
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge Operations Office  Building 
                         2714J  200 Administration Road  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37831