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Records Series Descriptions
Oak Ridge Sites

Oak Ridge Operations Office 
SERIES TITLE   Injury and Compensation Claim Files 
  INCLUSIVE DATES   1943 1950; 1961 1976 
  ARRANGEMENT  Record type 
  VOLUME  12 cubic feet 
  DESCRIPTION  These files document reports of employee job 
               injuries and claims for compensation.  Content, 
               scope, and coverage vary within the files. Most of 
               the files consist of individual employee injury 
               reports created by the MED/AEC Oak Ridge Safety 
               Branch.  These reports include the name of the 
               injured party, along with the type of injury, its  
               severity, where it occurred, and if it occurred as 
               a result of unsafe practices or conditions. 
               Statements of the injured party as well as their 
               supervisors are included.  Monthly summary reports 
               of site injuries are present, mostly for Oak Ridge 
               although  some other sites are represented as 
               well. Compensation claim files also include injury  
               reports along with correspondence with claimants, 
               doctors, and insurance representatives. 
               Transmittal memos to the AEC Insurance Section are 
               included. These records  consist of file 
               fragments, and gaps are apparent. 
  RESTRICTIONS  This series contains privacy material.  
  LOCATION OF RECORDS      Oak Ridge Operations Office  Building 
                         2714J  200 Administration Road  Oak 
                         Ridge, TN 37831