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Records Series Descriptions
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) 
SERIES TITLE Quarterly and Annual Reports of the Medical Research Center 
ARRANGEMENT Chronological 
VOLUME 0.5 cubic foot 
This series consists of three bound volumes of the quarterly and annual reports, 
which are medical, scientific and administrative progress reports of the Medical 
Research Center. Each report has a general introduction and then is divided into the 
divisions of the Medical Center. Divisions include Medical Practice, Division of 
Pathology, Hospital Division, Division of Bacteriology, Division of Biochemistry, Division of 
Physiology, Division of Industrial Medicine, Genetics, Division of Physiology, and the 
Division of Medical Physics. Not all of these divisions are represented in each progress 
report. Some progress reports also have the activities of the Associated Universities, 
a list of officers and scientific staff, list of publications and papers presented. 
Some progress reports contain organizational charts, discussions of advisory committees 
and major facilities. Each of the sections contains information on research, 
medical, and scientific activities. The sections contain information on animal and 
human experimentation.  
Brookhaven National Laboratory 
Clinical Research Center 
Building 490 
Upton, NY 11973