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Records Series Descriptions
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) 
SERIES TITLE Medical Research Center Forms 
INCLUSIVE DATES 1949 present 
VOLUME 0.25 cubic foot 
This series contains a variety of Medical Research Center forms. Most of these are 
blank. The forms include: hospital forms, medical record forms, dietary forms, 
pharmacy forms, industrial medicine forms, research forms, clinical chemistry forms, and 
microbiology forms. Other documents include charts; forms for progress notes; x-ray 
exam requests and reports; occupational therapy requests; nurses admission reports 
and notes; supply forms; temperature and pulse charts; adverse drug reactions; 
nuclear medicine examination requests; release of clinical information; applications 
for participation in a clinical research program; history and physical examination 
forms; discharge summaries; isotope radiation summaries; consent on admission to 
hospital forms; internal isotope radiation summaries; and consent for procedure, 
study, or drug under clinical investigation. 
RESTRICTIONS This series contains privacy material.  
Brookhaven National Laboratory 
Clinical Research Center 
Building 490 
Upton, NY 11973