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Records Series Descriptions
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) 
SERIES TITLE Human Subjects Research Policies 
INCLUSIVE DATES 1947 1963; 1970 1973 
ARRANGEMENT Chronological 
VOLUME 0.25 cubic foot 
These records consist of two subgroups. The earlier group pertains to the 
implementation of human subjects research policies at the Brookhaven Medical Research 
Center. Included are minutes and agendas for medical staff meetings; AEC isotope 
circulars; correspondence with AEC program offices, including the Isotopes Branch 
and the Division of Biology and Medicine; and internal BNL memorandums. Subjects 
covered include policies regarding relations with local doctors, AEC policies for use 
of isotopes on human subjects; medical research programs; and establishment and 
operation of the local isotopes committee. The primary subject pertains to 
establishment of the Brookhaven Clinical Investigation Radioisotope Committee in compliance 
with Department of Health, Education, and Welfare requirements for institutional 
review of proposed human studies. 
Brookhaven National Laboratory  
Clinical Research Center 
Building 490 
Upton, NY 11973