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Records Series Descriptions
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) 
SERIES TITLE Bibliography of Medical Department Researchers 
INCLUSIVE DATES 1950 present 
VOLUME 0.25 cubic foot 
This series is a list of all published articles by members of the Medical Department. 
There is a list of authors with corresponding BNL reprint numbers. Some of the pages 
give the journal name and the citation but most have only the title of the study, the 
researchers name and the BNL number. The BNL Clinical Research Center has all 
the articles corresponding to this list of publications. The list is an aid in locating 
particular published articles corresponding to any research activity conducted by BNL 
researchers, including experiments involving human subjects. 
Brookhaven National Laboratory 
Clinical Research Center 
Building 490 
Upton, NY 11973