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Records Series Descriptions
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) 
SERIES TITLE Minutes and Agendas for Clinical Oversight Committees 
ARRANGEMENT Record type; chronologically thereunder 
VOLUME 5 cubic feet 
These are the minutes and agendas for clinical oversight committees, which include 
the Executive Committee, Governing Body, Medical Records Committee, Patient Care 
Committee, Infection Control Committee, Medical Staff Committee, and Medical Care 
Evaluation Committee. The Medical Records Committee spans the period between 
1955 to 1968. The sections are divided by year and each year contains: memorandums 
of committee membership; committee meeting minutes; and BNL Hospital 
Clinical and Statistical Summary Sheets which have sample forms, draft forms including 
one on Authorization for Release of Clinical Information, proposed rules and 
regulations, captions for isotope index cards, evaluation of patient laboratory forms, 
and samples of approved patient consent forms. The Governing Body records begin 
in 1957 and contain bylaws and minutes of the governing board of the medical research 
center hospital of BNL; memorandums; forms for initiation and review of the 
clinical investigative program; forms for administration of radioisotopes to humans; 
and draft medical records. The Medical Staff Committee operated from 1960 to 1974, 
and was superseded by the Executive Committee, which is documented by instructions 
for the operation of the hospital; bylaws, rules, and regulations for the medical 
staff; memorandums relating to compliance with the policies of accreditation associations, 
including the Federal regulations on health insurance for the aged. Medical 
Care Evaluation Committee records are from 1971 and contain information on patient 
care evaluations. 
RESTRICTIONS This series contains privacy material.  
Brookhaven National Laboratory 
Clinical Research Center 
Building 490 
Upton, NY 11973